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Internet Dating is Here to Stay - Keep Your Husbands Close and Your Computers and Passwords Closer

Internet dating is here to stay-just because your husband or man is at home or isn't running the streets all the time, doesn't mean he isn't cheating. To be sure, it behooves every woman to check her computer history and be a keen observer of behavior. ()


Healing the Shadow Identity

THE SHADOW, in Jungian psychology terms, is the unacknowledged part of us. It's a repressed self; a self that lingers backward from our childhood; lodged permanently in the place of our souls. The shadow is enshrined in an identity that falls somewhat short of the glory of God that was intended ()


Dog Exercise to Prevent Obesity

Both people and pets are suffering from an epidemic of Obesity in the United States.Dogs, like humans, need daily exercise to keep their bodies and minds fit.Bored dogs become lazy, lazy dogs become fat, and we don't want that! Whats good for you is good for them. ()


How to Retrieve Voicemail Messages on an ITT Northern Telecom Phone

The ITT Northern Telecom series of phones are most commonly found in the workplace, generally in an office setting. Telecom phones offer many of the services standard on a workplace phone, such as conference calling, paging and voicemail. You can access your Telecom voicemail messages from any Telec ()


Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden

The annual Orchid Show is one of the signature events at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. Here's information for visitors on the Orchid Show. ()