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How to Train a Weimaraner Puppy - A Quick Guide to Training Your Weimaraner Dog

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Weimaraner dogs are a highly intelligent breed of hunting dogs.
They were originally bred for hunting large game like bear and deer.
Many use these beautiful and sleek dogs for hunting, though they make great companions as well.
They are very athletic and highly energetic dogs.
Their fur is commonly a silver gray color and can be both long and short.
There are some specific aspects to focus on to train Weimaraner puppy.
Unlike other hunting dogs, Weimaraners are not very social.
They are also very protective of their family or pack.
This can be a good thing, as the dog will bond quickly and make an excellent guard.
However, it can also lead to an aggressive animal.
To prevent aggression towards humans and other dogs, it is important to socialize the puppies while they are young.
This is done by introducing them to other dogs and people.
Do so in a calm and controlled manner.
Being assertive will show the puppy that there is nothing to fear.
Walking with other dogs is another great way to practice socializing.
Once the Weimaraner is used to meeting new dogs, a trip to a dog park is an excellent way for the puppy to socialize and burn some energy.
It is important that the puppy is trained to walk on a leash properly.
There are specialty harnesses to help with this process.
Encourage the puppy to walk along the side, and not in front of the human.
Allowing the dog to walk in front means that they are in control.
Should the puppy dart or resist the leash, correct with a firm "No" and a snap of the leash.
Weimaraners are high energy dogs, so they will need plenty of long walks! Socializing and training Weimaraner puppies to walk on a leash will help them develop into well balanced dogs.
This breed is very intelligent, and they do very well with training.
Enjoy this wonderful companion!
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