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Is Meaning Related to Purpose?

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Self-esteem highly correlates with your sense of overall meaning and purpose.
Knowing that your life has meaning and purpose confers a calm and peaceful inner strength that enables you to endure almost anything in life.
There are many stories throughout history of individuals who have survived great odds when they had a strong inner sense of purpose.
Such individuals usually rose to great heights of character and selfless service to others.
There are quite a few benefits to having inner purpose.
It gives you inner contentment and the confidence to pursue anything that is in front of you.
Some further benefits to having inner strength are as follows.
Your inner strength helps you to master and cope with many adversities.
And the self-confidence that is gained from having purpose can carry you to new heights of self-awareness and self-love if you allow it.
Meaning and purpose derive from discovering and developing your unique character and personality strengths.
With this self-knowledge, you could get to know your needs and the needs of others.
When you have a strong sense of inner purpose, you love doing things to help others to overcome adversity as well.
There is a great strength to helping others.
An individual feels so good and so self-confident.
You define success very differently from someone who believes that success has to do with material prosperity.
For an individual who has inner purpose, to have success is to have purpose in their lives.
And this purpose can only be developed internally.
Individuals who have meaning and purpose want to make the world a better place by helping in any way that they can.
For them, that is where their meaning lies.
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