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Finding a Good SEO Or Internet Marketing Company Tip No 1 - Ask For Free Analysis

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There seems to be a lot of SEO and internet marketing companies popping up all over the place along with traditional advertising and marketing companies offering these services along side there normal offerings.
So how do you sort the good internet marketing consultants from the bad and the ugly.
Well one way is to check if there a member of a recognized professional marketing body, however they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating so why not ask for some free analysis work? This should come as a document giving you a snap shot of were your current site stands within the rankings, some simple keywords research, content and site user experience suggestions along with an easy to understand explanation of each point and some form of conclusion at then end.
Any SEO or internet marketing consultant worth their salt will happily offer you this service for free, this is certainly the case when you talk to a senior SEO consultant John Hardgreves.
"We have always offered our clients a no obligation free initial analysis.
The reason for this is a good SEO or internet marketing consultant should be going through most of this process anyway when looking at a new clients website to determine the amount of work and therefore the cost of reaching the desired results of the client.
You wouldn't employ a builder or other contractor to build a house without an initial estimate, sadly people seem to think the normal common-sense rules don't apply when looking at the internet maybe it's because of a lack of understanding or lack of confidence with dealing with the subject but it can lead to a very poor return on your investment.
" John also pointed out that unfortunately a number of the clients have approached his company of the back of a bad experience with other firms.
This can be avoided entirely by doing a little home work and asking for some free analysis upfront.
Its also good practice to employ a specialist to handle your internet marketing and SEO requirements rather than use your web development or hosting company .
The main reason is an independent SEO or Internet marketing expert will be able to give you an unbiased and highly objective view of your site compared to the company that either built or hosts your website.
It is often the case that there maybe an issue with the way your site is coded or hosted and your current suppliers are understandably not always going to be forth coming with admitting that an error on their behalf is effecting your traffic.
So in conclusion do a little home work and ask questions and ask if your not offered, for some free initial analysis and you should be well on the way to developing a great working relationship with a reliable internet marketing or SEO company.
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