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How to Make a Web Page in Notepad

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    • 1). Start the Notepad application by opening Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

    • 2). Type the following string into your empty Notepad document: "<html><head><title>This is my title</title></head>". The title of your page, which is located at the top of your web browser, will read "This is my title." The HTML tag tells your web browser that your web page is starting. The Head and Title tags are your page's metadata--for instance, your page title.

    • 3). Press Enter twice, then type the following string: "<body>Here's the body</body>". This will print text in the body of the web page that says, "Here's the body." Anything that appears in the body of the page is placed between the two Body tags.

    • 4). Press Enter two more times and type "</html>". This tag tells your web browser that it's reached the end of your web page.

    • 5). Click File > Save As in the menu bar and save your web page with a ".htm" extension.

    • 6). Open Internet Explorer by clicking Start > All Programs > Internet Explorer.

    • 7). Click File > Open and navigate to the web page you saved from Notepad. Press the "Open" button. Your web page will load inside Internet Explorer.

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