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Ten Ways to Advertise Your Business For $1.99

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Everyone is feeling the pinch.
You as a business owner are faced with many daily decisions.
Where to advertise, how much to spend, who to spend your money with, and will these methods produce results.
Even if your business if feeling the crunch of the economy there are many ways you can get the word out regarding your business, your product, or your service.
Here are Ten Quick Ways 1.
Create a podcast to announce contests, introduce your product or service, upcoming store promotions, then link that podcast in your email blasts to your clients.
If you have a mac you can easily create podcasts if not there are plenty of people who can help.
Create Videos and post them on YouTube.
This is another free way of advertisement that most small businesses don't utilize.
Its like having your own commercial but FREE! 3.
Write a Blog.
In a blog you can have tips, coupons, advice, lots of ways to engage your customer that are interesting.
You can even invite your clients to write their own reviews on your products or engage them in marketing campaigns where they create the next great ad for your company.
Facebook pages.
Absolutely Free and you can fill those with important information regarding your business.
Article Submission.
Just like the article you are reading right now, you can write articles to help your customers understand your services and products.
Public Speaking.
Offer to give talks on the latest topics regarding your industry or business..
it will allow you to meet great people and help them in the process.
Create a Website.
There are many FREE resources for creating websites.
If your business / product does not have a web site get one right now! 8.
Word of mouth.
This is the most valuable form of advertising.
It costs you nothing but if people are saying great things about your business it could cost you everything.
Make sure you are really taking care of your customers so they have wonderful things to say about your business! 9.
With all the programs that come standard on computers you can create a flier print it out on your computer and pass them out to home owners, at events, or drop them at clients that you'd like to do business with you.
Business Cards.
Again you can make some great cards on your own that cost almost nothing.
Pass them out at marketing events and get the word out about your company! So there you go Ten Ways to Advertise your business for under $1.
99 Now start marketing and reap the benefits of getting the word out!
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