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Building A Targeted List: You Don"t Need A Squeeze Page?

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That online marketing has developed a sudden surge these past few years is true but many are the knowing ones who had felt its rise even from way back.
As more and more internet based businesses are springing up, the need to develop new marketing skills has also sprung up simultaneously.
More and more marketing strategies are being discovered and perfected to cope with the changing face of internet marketing.
One of these new strategies is Opt-in email marketing through the use of the Squeeze Page system.
The system is also known as "Permission Marketing.
" In Opt-in marketing, the requirement is that you must seek the permission of a willing customer to subscribe to your marketing materials.
These materials may take the form of newsletters, catalogs and promotional mailings via e-mail.
The more opt-in marketing mails that are sent, the more chances there are to make sales and more sales.
To do this, you must build a list of all those who have visited your website and have expressed the desire to be part of your subscriber base.
This is the much talked about "targeted list.
" This targeted list is a very reliable one because they have been to your site and liked what they saw and have decided they want to see more and maybe even purchase what ever product or service your company and site has to offer.
Now the major question is, "how does the prospective subscriber to your list arrive at your site in the first place?" It is through an important tool called, "The Squeeze page.
" The Squeeze Page is the gateway into not only your site but also to your online business as a whole.
Every successful email marketing campaign begins from the beginning i.
with the Squeeze Page.
This tool is also known as the "Lead Capture Page" or the "Opt-in Page.
" It is clear from the above that the answer to the question whether you need a squeeze page to build a targeted list is a straight forward, "Yes.
" Having settled that dispute, let us look at this important tool called the squeeze page.
Many sources and information there are on the internet about how a squeeze page should be, but there is unanimity concerning certain essential features it must contain to make it effective to do the job of capturing targeted people to your list.
Some of these features include: • The squeeze page must be clean, neat and simple.
• There should be only one choice to the visitor: to opt-in or leave the site.
• There should be no other links to distract their attention.
• There should be limited graphics to enable it to load fast.
• The incentives or your "bribe" or the "lead magnet" to them to part with their contact details should be of real quality.
Some of these incentives include Free Reports, e-books, videos, e-course, sample chapters of a book, Newsletter etc all of which are related to the niche in question.
• In the body content, underscore, highlight or even color important information to draw the visitor's attention.
• The benefits to them should be clear and well itemised or bulleted and let them understand well the "What Is in It for Me.
" • It should identify a problem and its solution, such as saving of time or making money.
The Squeeze page having been identified as the most important route for visitors to use to arrive at your site, more information on it has to be sought from the appropriate quarters, including the site below: Visit: http://www.
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