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Business Idea - Car Pool Stay Cool, a Innovative and Totally a New Concept

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Business idea: CAR POOL stay cool, a innovative and totally a new concept.
What is CAR POOL? It is an e-commerce technology that facilitates car sharing between car owners.
The mission is to help car owners to save money on congestion charge who have to travel to congestion charge zone between 7.
00 am and 6.
00 pm, Monday to Friday frequently by offering a service which encourages sharing their car hence sharing the congestion charge between the members without hesitation.
As population in London is growing everyday traffic congestion is getting bad to worst.
Travelers rely on either public transport or private vehicles for travelling around London.
At this moment a business like car pooling which gives the comfort of car yet with sharing initiatives with a member of public sounds very realistic and appealing.
The concern of traffic congestion can be reduced to large extent by breaking the monopoly of the business by introducing car poll service.
As this is totally a new concept at the moment there are no direct competitors, so being the first in the market it has great opportunity to become market leader.
However car pool business plan have indirect competitor such as car sharing service and car clubs are.
The reason car poll business can overtake them is that they are providing the service for bigger area of market like whole of the England where as car pool business, at the moment, focuses on particular area London and surrounding area and also particular segment of population.
How to make the business idea a success? Requesting Local government to advertise to gain confidence on security issues.
Legalising some parking policy: like adding some car pool stop (like bus stop) to provide meeting point.
Incentives for sharing Disincentives for driving alone.
Press about the need for individuals to do their bit to cut CO2 emissions.
Businesses in the congestion charge area should promote among their staffs, do campaign, setting proper working schedule and reserved parking facility for car poolers etc.
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