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How To Boost Responsiveness of Your Old, Unresponsive List

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There are a few different ways that you can boost the responsiveness in an old list.
You know what I am talking about.
A fresh list gets 20-50% open rates and has a high click through rate.
An old list might have 5-10% open rate and a correspondingly low click through rate.
So how do you fix that? What I'll do sometimes is I'll send out, you've probably seen them, what I call a survey email.
You'll see it, or I'll have it titled: "I need your help".
And I'll ask--what are the top five things that you want information about? What are your top three questions about list building, because that's of course my topic, or article-marketing? And I'll get, with seven thousand subscribers if I send one of those out, I'll get about fifty or sixty questions.
What I've done a couple of times is write the response, and I'll try to make sure that when I write the response I write at least two or three hundred words.
And then what I'll do is I'll take that response, tailor it a little bit to--I'll adapt it to become an article, and publish that as an article.
And so I'm able to do two things through those emails.
Number one--I'm able to kind of develop some rapport with people on the list because they're able to see that I care about them, and I'm answering their questions for them, and I'm getting an idea of what people want to learn about.
And then I'll--if somebody asks me, what's the easiest way to do X-Y-Z-- I will title my article as just that: what's the easiest way to do X-Y-Z? And I find that I get a pretty decent response on the articles that I write that way.
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