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Information - Key To Freedom And Wealth

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Information is the key to transformation.
The quality of your life cannot be better than the quality of information available to you.
If you want to move forward in life, you must place value on information.
What is good news to a poor person other than that he can break free from poverty? "To be informed is to be transformed and to be uninformed is to be deformed" "Dr David Oyedepo" If you break up 'information' into two parts, you would have 'in' and 'formation'.
Formation in construction simply means to create in a shape.
It therefore implies that information is the knowledge that from you internally.
It is your in-formation that determines your out-formation.
As he thinks in his heart so is he.
Before information will affect your circumstances, it will first affect your thinking.
That is why you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Knowledge simply changes you from the inside.
And if it can change you inside, then it can change you outside.
Note however that the major part of 'formation' is 'form' which means to construct, to make, to create, to shape.
There is tremendous power in information.
Using a scriptural illustration, it opens with Jesus saying, "it is written, 'man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God".
Here, information is compared to food, because what food is to your physical body is what information is to your soul.
That is exactly what information does to your spirit.
You must therefore pay heavy premium on information.
Make it a habit to learn something new every day.
You need to commit to learning if you expect to live a better quality of life.
In the Book of Prophet Hosea, it is written, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" so man's greatest problem is ignorance, not the devil.
The devil only thrives on human ignorance; this means that Satan gets advantages of us to the degree of our ignorance.
The entrance of light is the disappearance of darkness; Therefore, place value on information so you can be free from oppression.
It is the truth that make you free.
The person who despises information will be destroyed.
What you see in the word is what you will see in the world.
Information will take your marriage, career and business to a new level.
When people come across a successful person, what they usually look for is the material part of their success.
They do not look for the wisdom which is the root.
The quality of your life cannot better than the quality of information available to you.
If you want an outcome you have never had before, read something you have never read before.
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