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Arkansas Income Tax Instructions

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    Tax FilingDates

    • Arkansas' filing deadline for individuals and those businesses and institutions that follow a calendar year, is April 15, the same date federal taxes are due. Fiscal year filers, mainly businesses, are required to file on the 15th day of the fourth month after the end of their fiscal years. All residents who have an annual gross income of at least $10,507 and are single are required to file an income tax return. There are other requirements for people of other circumstances such as head of household, married or widowed. Part-year residents are required to file an Arkansas tax return regardless of income level.

      Individuals can either file paper returns or e-file. If filing a paper return, income tax return forms are available on the Department of Finance and Administration website or at your nearest local government office. You should also receive a form in the mail. There is a separate mailing address for those who are due a refund and for those who owe taxes. Make sure to check your tax forms for the right address.

    Arkansas State Income Tax Online Filing

    • You can file your state income tax return online using any of the state-approved online tax preparation services. However you will still need to print out a paper copy of your return and mail it in to DFA along with copies of your W2s. If you fail to do this you will lose the privilege of filing in the future.

    Late Filing and Amended Returns

    • It may be necessary to request an extension of the tax filing deadline. If you requested a federal extension by filing IRS form 4868, you automatically get a 6-month extension to file your Arkansas return. If you did not file for a federal extension, you will need to file form AR1055 by April 15 to receive an extension. Bear in mind that an extension is only an extension to file not an extension on taxes owed. If you owe taxes you will be required to pay interest on what you owe.

      Amended returns are for those who need to make significant corrections to their returns. Thus if you did not report some income, claimed credits and deductions you should not have claimed, reported too much income or did not claim credits and deductions you are entitled to, you are required to file an amended return using form AR1000A (full-year residents) or form AR1000ANR (part-year residents and non-residents). You should not file an amendment because of calculation errors. These are usually corrected by DFA officials.

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