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Is Network Marketing The Right Choice For Me?

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We have all heard the news from the globe's top financial experts, and if you haven't heard here it is.
"There will be more millionaires made within network marketing in the next decade than in any other business field".
The marketing world is changing course, relying more heavily on internet based promotional campaigns than at any other time in recent memory.
Network marketing is essentially the next great and exciting gold rush.
So this would be of great value to the home-based business man or woman looking to profit from this shift in the way things are done.
Although all of this is true and exciting, one question still lingers and that is, is network marketing the right choice for me? Will I become successful enough at it to retire as a millionaire? With it becoming the wave of the future will there essentially be a massive global rush whereby I would be getting into a marketing department with excessive saturation? Have the flood gates been opened, and if so do I have what it takes to stand out, and become financially independent and secure? I have been trying my hand at network marketing for six (6) months and in that time something that seemed to be relatively easy to do over the internet has not earned me a dime, common overlooked situations have placed me between a rock and a hard place when concerning financial success.
A lot of this has nothing to do with me personally most being beyond my control, network marketing is essentially a "network" of marketers and if for any reason anyone decides to go against the grain there will be a steep learning curve involved.
I have spoken to a number of successful people in the business and the overwhelming stance is not that there is no success but that there is a tried and proven method to achieving success and being invited to join the proverbial millionaires club.
I started with my own ideas in my own world and as such I was essentially digging for gold in a region rich in quartz.
Fortunately for myself I am a fast learner and was able to steady the cart before it toppled over, wounding myself and potentially others.
Anyone with a quarter of a brain can succeed in this business, there is a proven formula and when it is implemented it will reap the user financial and personal prosperity.
Has network marketing been the right choice for me? Well absolutely.
Have I been able to get rich overnight or quickly? Well absolutely not.
Essentially as all things human we are a species of animate interaction, so of course it matters little if you are in an ultra successful business and have little to no people skills.
Not that I don't but this is a point that needs to be taken never the less.
Will I become a millionaire within the next decade by implementing what other successful people have done or in other words "duplicating" their achievements? I agree 100 percent (%) The top financial advisors on the planet can not be ultimately wrong nor second guessed.
But will I stick around long enough to see said action to fruition? Well, that is another question entirely different.
Honestly I was looking for a quick fix, a means to an end, a way of lining my pockets with fresh cash by yesterday.
I had serious bills to pay, an outrageous debt but due to physical as well as financial limitations that plan has all but faded.
There is now just a glimmer of hope left with my old plan, and again this dilemma has nothing to do with network marketing per say.
See with sound advice and leadership anyone will succeed in this business, and as I can attest there will always be someone to answer your next question and provide you the necessary solutions to your problems.
Remember network marketing is ultimately a "network" of marketers and this being the case it is imperative to be "coachable" and willing to learn new techniques and different ways of doing things.
That being said network marketing will be the right choice for you as well.
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