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How to Apply Accents to Spanish Documents

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    • 1). Open the control panel by clicking the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of your screen and click "Control Panel." On Windows XP and Vista, the button is round with a Windows icon on it and it omits the word "Start."

    • 2). Find the "Clock, Language and Region" section of your control panel and click "Change keyboards or other input methods."

    • 3). Click the tab that says "Keyboards and Languages," then click "Change keyboards..."

    • 4). Cick "Add..." and scroll down the list to "English (United States)"; click the box next to it, then click the one next to "Keyboard." Select "United States-International" from the list and click "OK."

    • 5). Go to the "Language Bar" tab and select whether you want the language bar to appear floating on the desktop or docked in the task bar. Click "Apply" then "OK." The language bar is what allows you to switch between keyboard languages.

    • 6). Open your document and click the "EN" button on the language bar; change it from your default setting to "United States-International."

    • 7). Add acute accents by pressing the apostrophe (') key once, then pressing a vowel (example: ' + e = é); to make the tilde over the Spanish "ñ" letter, hold Shift and press the tilde key (`), which is to the left of the "1" and above Tab.

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