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Is Your Woman Sexually Satisfied With You? Find Out Now!

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Who else wants to know whether or not their woman is sexually satisfied with them? If you have your hand up, I can assure you that you are not alone.
So how can you figure out whether or not she's satisfied? Well the best way is to learn if she's faking her orgasms or not since that is a sure sign of her level of fulfillment in the bedroom.
Read on Here is how you can figure out whether or not she is faking her orgasms...
Little/No Contractions
When a woman has an orgasm, her vaginal walls will contract.
It will feel like your penis is almost getting pushed out when this happens.
The strength of those contractions is an indicator of how strong her orgasm was.
If there was little to no contraction, then you can be sure that she had a very weak orgasm...
or she faked it.
Has a lot of Energy
Having an orgasm takes a TON of energy out of women.
If she still has a lot of energy, you can be sure that she's been faking.
After sex, your woman should literally be ready to pass out from all the pleasure you've given her.
Over Emotional
She will also act a little 'edgy' if she has not been properly pleasured.
Look for signs of her being a little too emotional.
If she is, then it's a good sign that she's looking for more out of you.
Just don't make a judgement solely on this one since women are already very emotional creatures.
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