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How do I Create Turnkey Internet Businesses in Hours and Sell Them?

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    • 1). Purchase a website domain and hosting for the site. You can usually buy a domain and hosting from the same provider, as part of a package. You can use a website such as bluehost.com to do both.

    • 2). Setup the website on the host site. Purchase a website template. These sites can be bought cheaply and are filled with several pages and are ready to be customized. Upload the pages to your host after you make changes to include the site name and any design changes you want.

    • 3). Add content to each page. You can purchase content from content providers such as Constant Content. Pick content that relates to a specified topic that your website will be about.

    • 4). Add links to related sites. You can add products to one of the pages to be sold, just find out where the products can be purchased from to give this information to the person you sell the site to. You can use a free Paypal shopping cart to make the items clickable for purchase.

    • 5). List the website for sale in places such as Craigslist and on other online bulletin-board-type websites. You can even include on the website itself that it is for sale and list your contact email.

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