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Logo Design - The Quick and Ugly Vs Slow and Right

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As a smart small business owner there might come times when you would feel an urge to rebrand your business image.
Whatever your reasons may be but shifting your brand image is a tough decision and costs extra money to be spent on things like a logo design, a web redesign and publishing new materials, depending on your marketing scale and budget it could cost you a significant amount of money.
You have your reasons, but none of your reasons could ever be an excuse to rush into designing something as important as your logo design.
Some businesses suddenly realize that they urgently need a logo.
They call in a logo design company and ask them to build them one as quickly as possible.
They put pressure on the company and do not pay any serious consideration to how this rush could affect their business.
A business might be in a hurry sometimes that's ok but to rush into something like a logo design is the recipe for disaster.
How much time is enough for a Good Logo Design? It depends on the skills of the artists you are working with, the information you provide them, the communication between you and the logo design company.
If you have previously used some logos, or any art work for your business it is better to share all that work with your design artist so that they could build upon your existing image instead of creating a new one altogether.
This strategy alone could save you a lot of time.
What is a right logo design? The right logo is the one that represents your business perfectly and more articulately with elegance and style.
This logo symbolized your business mission, your company and values and it helps you gain customer loyalty.
Your logo should fit well into your workplace, your print or digital advertisements, your office stationary and your web design.
It should also be scalable, reusable and make sure that you have full rights and control over the usage of this graphic.
What is a Wrong Logo Design? A wrong logo is the opposite of the right logo design.
A wrong design does not represent your business and does not deliver your message to the viewer.
It distorts your image and pushes your customers away.
A wrong logo might give the feeling of déjà vu to your customers as they would feel that they had seen such logos before.
Viewers of your logo might find it uninteresting, provocative, or even offensive and may react negatively to it.
How do I know what kind of Logo I am getting? While looking at your logo ask yourself, what does this logo represent? You need to carefully examine the color; typeface, style and other elements make sure that they meet the image you want to create in your customers' minds.
You may also want to show the logo to some of your loyal customers or random people and see how well they understand the message of the logo.
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