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How to Install Hummer Tail Light Guards

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    • 1). Open the rear door of your Hummer and locate the two screws on each door jamb that secure the tail lights into place. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver turned in a counterclockwise direction.

    • 2). Pull out on the tail light with both hands to release the holding clips. Remove both light bulb sockets from the back of the tail light assembly by turning the socket counterclockwise and pulling it straight out of the tail light assembly. Repeat this step for both tail lights. Leave the sockets hanging by their wires and take the tail light assemblies to a work area.

    • 3). Clean the entire tail light assembly with window cleaner and paper towels. Now wipe the tail light with the alcohol pad supplied with the tail light guard kit to remove any waxes or oils. Allow the tail light to air dry for five minutes. Repeat this step for both tail light assemblies.

    • 4). Loosely reinstall the tail light assembly to the vehicle by pushing each bulb socket back into the tail light assembly and rotating it clockwise. Position the tabs at the bottom of the tail light into the corresponding holes in the vehicle body, but do not engage the clips yet. Repeat this step for the other tail light as well.

    • 5). Peel the protective backing from the tail light guard. Place the top part of the guard against the top of the tail light. Line up the tab in the top of the tail light guard with the slot in the vehicle body. Push the tail light back into the vehicle's body until the clips at the top and bottom snap into place. Apply pressure with your hands on the tail light guard against the tail light for a few seconds until the adhesive takes hold. Run the two screws back through the mounting holes in the edge of the tail light and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver. Repeat this step for the other tail light guard.

    • 6). Close the rear door.

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