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How to Motivate Teens for an Assessment Test

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    Activate Awareness

    • 1). Inform the teens of the exact nature and purpose of the assessment test: what is being tested, who is administering the test, why the assessment is important to the administrators, why the test is important to the teens themselves, how the results will affect them. Activate this awareness in their minds, and they should be willing to hear how they ought to prepare for the assessment.

    • 2). Involve parents. Write a letter to the parents of the teens, informing them of the upcoming assessment. Cover the same who, what, why and how format with them. This accomplishes two results. The parents will support your methods of motivations; students will apply themselves more diligently to a task of which parents are aware.

    • 3). Empower the students to believe in their own abilities and efforts by showing that you believe in them. Encourage teens consistently and firmly. When they see how much you care, then they will be authentic by validating their efforts when they accomplish even the littlest tasks. Segue immediately into discussions regarding the assessment test and explain how their successes--whether great or small--will prepare them for whatever comes their way on the test.

    • 4). Allay fears by preparing teens for what kind of material will be covered. When teens are aware of what they must do and how they can go about it, they may apply themselves diligently to the task.

    • 5). Make it meaningful to the teens. Meaningful learning motivates students to pay greater attention than do idle threats of increased work load or more homework. Clarify the relevance of the material to be tested and design lessons that emphasize the relevance. For example, in preparing writing lessons, include writing samples from each of their core courses, so they can see how what they're doing will benefit them in other classes.

    • 6). Plan for a celebration of their preparation before the administration of the assessment, and make the teens aware of it. Offer bonuses to those who can validate their efforts to study and prepare independently.

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