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Outdoor Branding In India And Its Significances!

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Advertising in India is a major business for many advertisers. Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online and Mobile Phone devices are some mediums of advertising used by advertisers to communicate their brand message among target groups. In this article, let us take a look at a few reasons why many brand owners prefer to launch an outdoor advertising campaign for their brands.

Outdoor Advertising in India is quite a popular practice among many brand and business owners. Billboard, electronic kiosks, wall poster, swall painting, hoarding, translites, LCD/LED etc. are some tools of outdoor advertising used by advertisers to promote their brands. There are various advantages of outdoor advertising some of which are explained below-

Always in the public domain

An outdoor advertising display is always in the public domain. People cannot switch if off or throw it out. Audiences are exposed to the brand message without even their own notice. While visiting a shopping mall or cinema theatre, while driving on the road or boarding a flight at the airport, the brand message is always in the public domain that makes its easily accessible for customers.

Growing-multiple avenues

Outdoor Advertising avenues keep increasing. Earlier outdoor advertising practices were limited to billboard ads, poster ads and wall paintings. Today, there are various avenues of outdoor advertising. Some of the avenues of outdoor advertising include mall advertising, airport advertising, billboard advertising and metro advertising. Airport Advertising and mall advertising are two fast growing avenues of brand promotion through OOH media.

A captured audience

An outdoor advertising display easily attracts customers because of its glitzy features. Most of the outdoor ad displays also stay in the same place for a month or more which makes it easily accessible to customers. The ubiquitous presence of brand message coupled with easy visibility makes it readily accessible by customers who come across it.

An excellent adjunct with other advertising media

It has also been noted that an outdoor advertising campaign is an excellent adjunct with other means of advertising. With digital revolution, one can convey the same brand message in many formats. One can also make an outdoor ad display available through videos or pictures.

It depends a lot on the advertiser on which tricks and tactics he adopts to advertise his product among customers. Creativity should be the main ingredient for any type of advertising campaign. A creative ad campaign of a brand in fact provides rich impact on customers" mind.

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