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How to Get Out of Your Own Way - Own Your Power

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"Do you ever mistakenly use your own power against yourself? Instead of focusing your creative energies to fulfill your desires, do you channel those energies into negative thoughts, feelings, and visualizations? If so then you're succumbing to an abuse of your own power.
" -Steve Pavlina, Personal Development for Smart People Which do you think is more true for you, that you use your power on your behalf or against yourself? This article is the eighth in a series titled "How to Get Out of Your Own Way".
The series is about healing life lessons, the challenges that hold you back, that keep you from living up to your potential.
If your life lesson is powerlessness, then your primary wounds are related to power.
You may feel powerless to accomplish what you envision, may have difficulty asking others for what you want and may often abdicate your own throne, giving your power away to others.
What you're here to do is to heal those wounds and to become a leader in your own life, empowered to envision and then, create the life you want.
And ultimately, owning your power is about authenticity, about being who you really are.
"When you struggle against yourself or resist who you are, you have handed your power away.
" -Arleen Hannich, "Owning Your Power" So there are several ways to disown or misuse your power...
1) Turning it on yourself by using negative self-talk or giving in to worry.
2) Hiding pieces of who you are or fighting yourself.
3) Playing small, denying or abdicating your power.
4) Refusing to lead when you know you have been called to do so.
Journal Questions...
Do any of these examples feel familiar to you? Do you sometimes find yourself disowning or giving away your power? Are there situations in your life that you feel powerless to change? Look back on the stories of your childhood to see if there are patterns in your history of feeling powerless or denying the power you had.
How might those stories have been different if you had owned your power fully? What would change in your life today if you were fully yourself and fully empowered? Once you have gotten clear about how this life lesson has affected your life, you can begin to identify the memories and limiting beliefs connected to it that need to heal.
Then your next step is to decide how you want to heal them.
Energy healing techniques heal at the cellular level, reaching deep into each memory, healing the pain and disconnecting the beliefs that are attached to it.
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