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Flirting: Making An Entrance

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One of the most under rated yet most effective tricks in the book is making an entrance.
Rather than spending the night doing all the running, it gives everyone a good chance to see you at your very best and increases the chances of attracting even more people to flirt with you.
Why do you think movie stars make grand entrances - its to ensure they catch as much attention as they can from everyone around them.
Making an entrance grabs the attention of the person you would like to impress as well as everyone else in the room.
You can use an entrance not just for flirting reasons but also for professional ones too.
You can impress clients and colleagues alike with a confident entrance so don't miss the opportunity.
Making a grand entrance is the most effective way of drawing people to you.
If you are going to a new networking event then this is a great way of meeting new contacts and more importantly making you the person everyone wants to talk to.
Learn and execute the following points to develop your own entrance to grab attention:
  • Start every entrance with a pause.
    It is never classy to stumble or burst into a room
  • Use this pause to gather yourself to your full height, then pull your shoulders back, hold your stomach in, lift your head up and look straight ahead
  • Look to the busiest part of the room and smile, even if you don't know anyone.
    When people see you smiling they will think you are popular and you will be on their radar for the rest of the night
  • As you scan the room make eye contact.
    You will see people who are watching - they are the ones who are curious or single and available
So whether you are attending a networking event, a conference or a fabulous party, perfect your entrance and have a ball being the centre of attention.
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