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The How of Happiness - Get Started With These 10 Actions

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If you studied the happiest people in the world, you would find commonalities among all of them.
They view difficult circumstances differently than others.
They worry less, feel guilty less and trust more.
Happiness is learned, but like a muscle, you need to work it out.
Here are 10 actions that you can take today, to start exercising your happiness muscles.
Let go of obligations
Sometimes you continue to do things just because you've always done them.
This doesn't mean that you have to continue to do them.
What are you holding onto that you really resent? Let it go.
Say No
Say no when you mean no.
Often you get into a habit of saying yes, because you always say yes, and then you later regret it.
Set the intention to be aware of the things you're agreeing too, and make sure that they align with what you want in life.
If you absolutely must say yes to something you're not thrilled about, change your perspective on it.
Change your mind
Sometimes circumstances change, impressions change, and people change.
This is okay.
You are not the same person you were 5 years ago, why do you have to stick with the same decisions? If you wish to switch directions in your life, give yourself permission to change your mind.
Question others
You are not a bad person for not agreeing with everyone, some people might just "set off" your intuition.
Listen to that gut feeling.
If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.
Don't try to force it.
Have your own opinion
That intuition is very important! Like in the above action, having your opinion is very important, it is what sets you apart from everyone else.
You can agree with others, or disagree with them, as long as you have a very clear reason as to WHY you agree or disagree.
Make mistakes
Learning is growing, and you can't learn if you're perfect.
Change your perspective on failure.
Failure is not a bad thing, it gives you the opportunity to relax, try new things out, test yourself a bit.
If you are perfect, you are not living up to your true potential.
The more successful you are, the more mistakes you make.
Let "it" go
Just release whatever you're holding on to.
Whether a grudge, a relationships, a job or a dream, if it's causing you pain or holding you back in life, you need to release it.
There are many different methods to doing this, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Sedona Method and The Work are three well-known methods.
Love Yourself
This might be the hardest of all these actions, but it is also the most important.
When you love yourself, all the other happiness actions follow.
Look in the mirror daily and actually see the person looking back at you.
Don't judge her, just let her know you love and accept her.
You are doing the best you can, at any given moment.
Seek a new story
Reassess that story you've been telling yourself.
Is it true? Are you really a victim, simply not control of your situation at all? Can you really not do anything to change, because of something that happened in your past? Is bad luck the main factor in why you're unhappy right now? Really? Change that story.
Feature an empowered, happy and successful person who doesn't let the past dictate the future.
Jump into the fear
This is difficult, there are times where you must calculate risks and there are times where you just have to jump right in without thinking too much.
Your intuition will be key in this.
I know that in my own life, any time I've been really excited about something, it's come with fear.
Are there opportunities in life that have you excited? Do you see greater potential for yourself, but let fear stop you? Don't let that fear hold you back, find a way around it.
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