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Why Are Over 97% of People in MLM Failing Today? How Can We Change This? Education!

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Prepare To Be Shocked! Finally, 1 Company That WILL Reverse The 97%+ Failure Rate In MLM!!! Believe IT! Sad, but true, the average payout in the MLM industry is 37.
8%! No wonder most all MLM company owners get rich & we get poor! If anyone has researched this, you know that the failure rate is 97% and climbing! Liberty Health Network WILL change all of this! We payout 75% - 80% and here is how easy it is to get paid 75%! You only need to sponsor 2 people ordering one $30.
00 product to max out the 75% payout, PERIOD! Hard to believe, but TRUE! Here are the points on WHY you should do your homework and WHY LHN is the # 1 company to be in IF you want long term retirement income! 1] FREE sign up and NO kit fees, annual renewal fees, web site fees (5 sites to use and 4 are lead capture sites)! 2] 22 VALUE priced health & skin care products, NOT over priced juices, etc...
3] A MATRIX Compensation Plan with spillover that is the easiest to max out in the entire industry! A 4 X 7 matrix that pays out 75% - 80% with potential earnings of over $103,000.
00 per MONTH!!! 4] 60% FAST START BONUS compared to an average fast start out there of about 35%! 5] We are in over 50 countries and adding more as you read this! 6] FREE leads every month with your order, anywhere from 300 - 1,000! 7] ONLY one $30.
00 product order to start making money! 8] We have LESS than 10,000 reps total!!! 9] We are in the # 1 industry to be in for long term income, health, wellness, and skin care! 10] System & support team in place like you have never had before for you to SUCCEED! Let's face it, people need to truly wake up before this whole industry is history! Do you want long term success or do you prefer to keep starting over and over again as so many do when they find out there company is not what they expected? If you are an "Entrepreneur" and realize the potential after you review our entire opportunity, simply contact me to see if we can work together! After being full time since 1990, I have NEVER seen a company like this before, EVER! IF you think that money games, cash gifting, travel, telecoms, affiliate types, or ANY other type of program will retire you early, think again! I have never seen ANY of these programs last and all they do is boost up the failure rate even higher in MLM! Are YOU ready yet?
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