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Love Wedding Pressure

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Love pressure articles :

Love What pressure? As I understand it as follows :
*. Fear of parents do not like your boyfriend / girlfriend , or even forced not to continue contacts .
*. Afraid of dating would be distracted at work and affect promotion / performance .
*. Dating more than to spend money too , if we spend too much money to reserve money, the wedding ceremony (wedding), The headache will be .
*. Afraid of boyfriend / girlfriend is not serious , but also fear him love affairs (with the third and fourth person ) .

Marriage counseling articles :

That pass on to you a story
A couple married 15 years, and finally to find marriage counseling . Therapists, ask them what the problem , his wife has bitterly with the constant 11 , said the past 15 years the number of problems . She said repeatedly : her husband ignored her, not caring, her emptiness , loneliness , feeling unloved and unpleasant . Short, 15-year marriage is long list of grievances.Marriage guidance guidance Therapist after her vent round , they stand up , walk around the desk , called the woman also stood up , kissing her warm . English women do not shut up , the soft halo Tuo Tuo back seat therapists turn to the husband said: " This is your wife needs therapy, at least three times a week , right? " replied the husband thought for a moment : "Well, every Monday and Wednesday after I took her to , but I play golf on Friday ......"
The other partners will own the story of her husband like it?

Dating Matching articles :

Participate Shao through marriage Dating dating matching companies have each participant need to check personal information, such as education, occupation , age, etc., to protect the members to provide quality and meet the company 's room , safety compared with secure, online knowledge or activities is not recognized as No one to help you check a lot of friends around a single person still living , except for the person chosen to lead the single life, most people still want a sweet love and happy marriage. The sweet love and happy marriage why be so hard to achieve , because the people living in most of today's gains rather than only want to pay
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