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How to Remove a Stripped Lug Nut

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    • 1). Determine the cause. It may seem simple, but most "stripped" lug nuts aren't really stripped. The motorist is actually using the wrong tire iron. Some "locking lugs," for instance, require a special adaptor to make them turn. Be sure your tire iron is the correct size and type for the lug nut first.

    • 2). Lubricate it. Sometimes debris or rust gets in the threads of the lug nut and prevent it from moving. In these cases, a liberal dose of WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil may help loosen it up a bit and make the turning easier.

    • 3). Grip it. If the oil fails, use a set of "vice grip" pliers to get a firm grip on the lug nut. Adjust the pliers before clamping them down and locking them into place. Place them so they are in the "9 o'clock" position (that is, sticking out to the left of the lug nut) and clamp them down. Apply downward (counter-clockwise) pressure to remove the lug.

    • 4). Call a professional. Sometimes, lug nuts can become "fused" to the wheel or bolt. Some less reputable used automobile dealerships may even put the wrong lug nuts on the wheel, causing it to become sealed in place. In these cases, only a dealership or well-stocked mechanic can remove these lug nuts.

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