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Why She Fears Taking It Down The Isle

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The worst thing a man can ever have in his dating relationship is seeing a woman for some time and then when you feel you are ready to make that other higher step, she begins to evade it, sometimes to a point of evading you and breaking the relationship. You are then left in a quagmire of confusion, where you are left to wonder what really went wrong in your relationship, what you said that was nothing far from being music in her ears. There is no cause to think you are the problem, the woman you are dating is. She has fear of commitment.

A good number of women are held up in this problem, and it can affect your dating relationship with her. The problem is sometimes psychological or a conscious calculated move. The woman could have been held up in a murky divorce that could have left scars at the palm of her heart. Many children have a habit of entering into their own cocoons once they start seeing their parents bickering and fighting over very small things, followed by a final break up. Other women can never reconcile with their step-moms or dads or even forgive them for the sole reason that they ruined their mental capacity to trust. It is then that once they start a relationship and progress to a point of tying a knot, they start drawing back and ending the dating experiences that you had used as steps towards that final move towards marital bliss. They are more ready to begin evading that pain they imagine would recur once more.

A woman in a dating relationship can also be affected into denying herself a long lasting relationship by an abusive childhood relationship. Some women find it hard in being able to really forget those afflictions they suffered in the hands of those people they trusted the most, mostly the fathers. This is why they see the man they are seeing as that person to whom they are surrendering to, and since they do prize the kind of independence they have; they dont want to continue with it. Their problem is the fear of risking their chances in wedding devoid of happiness or being in another relationship that might be abusive.

Professional reasons can easily make a woman to compromise her dating relationship from entering into another phase. The period when the relationship is at the highest point is when their careers are about to improve. The problem is that they might have been attached so much into their prospects of reaching their level best and can never compromise this with anything else. What they have in their mind is postponing the relationship or marriage into a later date. It might never come. This is a good example of those women who have the tendency to attract those men after possessing them.

The worst is that you cannot spot a woman of this caliber so that you can evade dating her. You will only realize she is that type only later in the relationship.
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