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Law Of Attraction: Create Success Effortlessly

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The discovery of the Law of Attraction has completely changed the way many relate to the universe around them. However many continue to struggle to see success using this powerful new understanding. What I see time after time is people turning it into work.

What many fail to understand is…true creative power never occurs out of a state of struggle. A radical paradigm shift needs to occur to really tap into the Power of the Law of Attraction.

Conscious creation is achieved from a state of simplicity and ease. To manifest anything in your life requires a carefree, relaxed approach. Creation is a play. It should be fun!

It is when you are genuinely being yourself, enjoying yourself, that attracts the most positive changes in your life. It is counterintuitive to think in this way but there is no way around it. You have to stop struggling in order to manifest ease.

Think about it. If you are spending all of your time visualizing and asking the universe for what you want what you are really doing is affirming that lack exists in your life. The Law of Attraction responds to the essence of your offering.

Time does need to be spent clarifying exactly what you want and aligning yourself to receive it. By aligning I am referring to removing any limiting beliefs blocking your ability to receive or feel the essence of what you want.

However if you would simply acknowledge your dreams, and then let go, having faith in the Law of Attraction to draw them to you then you would be getting out of the way so they could actually manifest in your physical life.

Instead many work, work, work; they ask, visualize, struggle, ask some more, ask again and work some more.

Using the Law of Attraction eventually requires one to “surrender” and trust that things will align. Often so much time is spent asking that by the time one finally gets to the point where they are willing to just allow the manifestation of their desires in what appears to be an instantaneous miracle occurs.

Do you really want to attract abundance, success and everything your heart desires?

Be too busy having fun enjoying yourself to think about what you don’t have. Life is a magical playground. Start enjoying it today. It really is that simple.

However let me clarify by stating that manifesting your dreams will take action. You will be directed and inspired to do many things to achieve your dreams. This is not necessarily work though. The process of creating is more a labor of love. It is like creating a piece of art.

Additionally your success most likely will not manifest overnight out of nowhere. We are living in third dimensional reality and the process of creation on the physical plane does take a little time.

This should be looked at like playing a fun game. It is an adventure. Enjoy the process!

Some people may take my message to heart and go out and have a fun weekend and believe Monday everything will be different.

This is not what I am saying. What I am saying is if you approach every day of your life with ease and effortlessness, as a play in the spirit of fun, then every day you will move closer to your dreams. Every day will become miraculous. Synchronicity will begin to show up everywhere.

The right people, the right opportunity, the entire universe will align to meet your goals. Most people oscillate between extremes of hope to despair, joy to sadness, focusing on what they want to what they don’t.

When you are able to consistently wake up every morning and go through your day feeling abundant abundance will flow into your life effortlessly. This requires patience. It is easy to say, okay I will try this. It is also easy to get discouraged after a couple of days or weeks without seeing any “results.”

It is like going on a diet and eating well for a week and expecting to lose fifty pounds.

The Law of Attraction is operating every minute of every day whether you consciously use it or not. So if you fight and struggle and feel frustration you will manifest one frustrating struggle after another.

Or you can feel at ease, approach your life in a light hearted manner and experience the effortless manifestation of your hearts desires. The question becomes, are you willing to let go of the old way of doing things? Are you prepared to change the way you approach your entire life and your relationship with the world you live in?

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