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Parts of a Good Golf Swing - What Makes a Tee Shot Work?

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This article is coming from a collection of articles that details parts of a good golf swing.
We will be discussing what makes a tee shot work and how a proper tee shot will help you in the game of golf.
The first thing a golfer will need to do when thinking about his tee shot is to decide what club to use.
You can try a variety of different options.
These would include a driver, three wood, long iron, short iron, driving iron, or possibly another wood or hybrid.
My suggestion is to use the club that you have the most confidence in.
Yes it might not go as far as you like, but the key with golf is to be confident with your swing.
The second step to make the tee shot work, is to visualize the shot you want to create.
This can be a straight shot, hook shot, slice shot, draw, fade, high ball, or low ball.
Lots of different options to choose from.
I always believe that you will want to go with the shot that works the best.
If you tend to slice/fade the ball, do not try to intentionally hook/draw it.
Once you figure out the type of shot that you like or want to use we can proceed to the next step.
The next step is to find that alignment spot.
This can be something like a tree, house, building, hole, green, a dark spot, anything in the distance.
You will want to draw an imaginary line back to your ball.
I will also pick a spot on that line about a foot in front of the ball.
This will be my main alignment aid for the tee shot.
I will then take a few practice swings so I can feel the rhythm of the type of shot I want to hit.
The next step is to approach the ball and line yourself up to the alignment aid you found in step two.
By aligning yourself you will make sure your shoulders, hips, and feet are all parallel to that imaginary line.
Now instead of just having one imaginary line, you know have your body completely parallel to the line and have just created the second imaginary line.
Now its the final step and its the actual swing.
Make sure you take the club straight back.
Create that length and width I've talked about in previous articles.
Then on the downswing make sure you get that face square and it will go exactly where your aiming! Hopefully after reading this article you are able to get a good idea on what makes up a tee shot.
Not only will this help you in the tee box but it will also help you all over the course and allow you to get that good golf swing.
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