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How to Wire a 6 Post 12 Volt Switch

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    • 1). Look at the relay wiring diagram. Identify the two terminals which connect to the solenoid coil. These two pins control the switching of the solenoid. Connect those two pins to the device that will control the solenoid.

    • 2). Locate the remaining four pins. Two of these pins represent one side of the switch and the other two represent the other side of the switch. If this switch, for example, is meant to connect a fan motor to a battery, then connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to one pair of pins. Looking at the wiring diagram, the pins used should both be on the same side of the switch.

    • 3). Connect the positive and negative terminal of the fan motor to the remaining two pins. When the relay is energized the switch will close, connecting the positive battery wire to the positive motor wire and the negative battery wire to the negative motor wire. This will complete the circuit and turn the fan motor on.

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