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How to Find Legitimate Paid Online Surveys - The Ones You Make Money With!

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Legitimate paid online surveys are what the real paid survey business is all about.
They are made by serious market research organizations using serious survey makers to handle the actual survey mechanics.
They pay the survey participants reasonable compensation and protect their privacy.
The other than legitimate paid online surveys are made by pretenders, wannabes and sales companies trying to look like real survey makers.
These survive on the fringes, giving survey participants little or no compensation and paying recruiters to find more when the ones they have quit.
To make money taking paid surveys you need to locate the survey makers that make legitimate paid online surveys and sign up with them.
That's where the money is.
The rest are mainly just time wasters.
Market research is serious, much needed professional work.
Sure, market analysts can measure trends, see what people are buying, report on what is becoming more popular and what is in decline.
But all that is measuring the PAST, what has already happened.
It is interesting info but not actionable.
Like the back window of your car.
You need it to see what's behind you, where you have been.
But what's REALLY important is the front windshield.
That is indispensable to know where you are going, so you can steer! When large companies produce goods and services, they must KNOW what their target market is thinking, what they prefer, what they want, well BEFORE gearing up for production.
That's where market research comes in.
It uses surveys, focus groups, product testing and other tools to predict in advance.
Market research is an inexact science much like weather forecasting and stock market predictions.
They cannot be precise because things change and there are forces at work with a "mind of their own".
But they take many measurements and try very hard to be as precise as they can.
Trying to get better information is the reason that there are many, many surveys.
It is reported that 82% of market researchers surveyed in North America and 87% in Europe are predicting their use of online respondent providers will increase in the next twelve months.
["Online respondent providers" means survey participants!] That is according to a business wire out of Wilton, CT, London & Munich, on Sep 18, 2007, from The Online Research Barometer, a survey conducted by Greenfield Online-Ciao Surveys, (Nasdaq: SRVY).
Greenfield Online-Ciao Surveys is called "the leading global provider of Internet survey solutions".
Clearly, there will be more legitimate paid online surveys and more paid survey participants will be needed and paid in the next 12 months.
The best way to find these legitimate paid online surveys will be through paid survey sites with strong money-back guarantees and low refund rates.
The refund rates are the result of a formal survey taken amongst the paid survey sites clients.
These low refund rates identify the good ones.
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