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Two Simple Ways to Persuade Others to Buy From You

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When people think of influencing or persuading others for the purpose of selling something, they tend to think in a negative context.
Yet, when they talk about a movie they like, while trying to convince their friends to go and watch that movie with them they can happily do it without thinking.
The two situations are basically the same.
You are trying to convince others to your way of thinking in order to influence their decision to favour the outcome you want.
Let's discuss 2 simple ways you can improve your sales by convincing others to see your service or product in the same way you do.
Most of us are taught to repay good deeds that others do to us.
It is a human emotion that comes from within.
If you give something away for free and even though you inform the receiver not to pay you any money, that person will always remember your good deed.
They will still feel obligated to give something back.
That obligation may result in their staying longer on your website, or taking the time to read your presell content.
The fact is, they will feel obligated to give something back.
If your website is setup to sell products and if someone decides to stay on a little longer, or better still to sign up to your list or even to keep coming back, then there is a good chance they will buy something from you.
The best scenario we all hope for as well is for that person to link back to your website or promote you to their users and friends.
The second simple thing you can do to persuade someone is to provide social proof that your products actually can help others.
If you can show your new visitors some of the testimonials from past buyers, this is a good thing.
We all like to see proof that your product is good value for money and that other buyers can see the benefits of buying those products from you.
Try these 2 things either online, or even offline when you talk to people.
You will be surprised by the reaction of potential buyers to your products or to you.
It goes without saying that if you are the kind of person who have never tried to persuade people to buy from you, then by doing these 2 things, you will soon become an expert in the power of persuasion.
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