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Welcoming Wealth and Abundance To Your Life

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Do what brings you joy. Yes, it is that simple. Why live a life that makes you unhappy, unfulfilled and filled with discontent? If something brings you joy, then do more of it. Fill your life with what makes you feel good. Don't worry about the money, it will come. Pursue your passions, fill your life with wonderment and merriment. Instead of sacrificing your life, your dreams, your joys and your passions for a life that you hate, pour more of what you love into your life. There are many people working in jobs they hate, buying things they don't want to impress people they don't like. They are living the life that was mapped out for them. They don't like that life, but they are afraid of making the necessary changes to change their life. So many people are so focused on making money, more money and more money. So much so that they have lost their heart and their passion for living. Don't let that be you. Pick up your life and find the things that you are passionate about. Start living your life from your heart.

While money does bring some financial comfort, money does not bring contentment and fulfillment. If your heart is no longer in the get rich kind of living, then it's time to start pursuing what you love. Pursue what your heart wants. You may now be at a point in your life where making money is important, but it is no longer the main reason why you exist. You are no longer focused on how rich you can get. You now realize that life is about living it to the fullest. Enjoying everything that it has to offer. It's about moving to the beat and rhythm of your own drums. It's about good friends, good food, laughter and joy. That is what we call true wealth. When our lives are wealthy, we are no longer concerned with being rich and when we are wealthy our lives will no longer chase after money.

Being rich is all aobut the money, while wealth and abundance are about so much more. It is about having and living a centered life filled with an abundance of love. When you are centered then everything else external of you will be find it easier to find it's way to you. Anything that we can't do without can destroy us, however when that those things no longer controls us then our lives will become much freer and that is when we open ourselves to the wealth and abundance that already exists within us.

Many of us grew up with an already in existence model of how we should live our lives, what we should do to make as much money as possible so that we can live a life of affluence. As we look around we see more and more individuals diverting from the path that was created for them by others and now they are forging their own path to joy, wealth and abundant living. The old way no longer works for some and now they want more. Money cannot buy inner peace and contentment. Money cannot buy good laughter, good friends and wonderment. We can be money rich, put inner peace poor. What's the point of having a lot of money if we are not fulfilled and content within ourselves. When we focus on bringing calm, inner peace and contentment to our lives then we won't be living in turmoil, we won't be chasing down money and then losing ourselves over money. We will realize that all we need is already within us.

As we start to live from the center of ourselves we are bringing calm to our lives and thus paving the way for us to tune into our abundance. Wealth and abundance cannot and will not thrive in the midst of chaos. That is why if our life is not filled with overflowing wealth and abundance we need to look to see where there is chaos, heal those parts of ourselves so that we can bring peace to our life. Even if we have to walk away from a very lucrative business in order to bring that peace to our life, then that is what we'll do. There is no amount of money that is worth losing our soul over. And if we are to look at our lives as win/win, then we will realize that nothing was a waste and nothing was a lost. Just as how you manifested that lucrative business into your life, you will manifest something much more grander than the last. Everything serves a purpose and when that purpose has been served release that thing with love so that your life can make way for more abundance to manifest in your life.

Let your life flow. Don't hold on tightly to something that is meant to be let go. Our destiny is never tied to something that is meant to be released from our life. When we hold on to something we are actually blocking ourselves from tuning into more of our wealth and abundance. So while the rest of the world is chasing down the almighty dollar, you are stepping away from the money-making world in order to focus on simplifying your life. The more you simplify your life, it's the more space that you create for wealth and abundance to enter.

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