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Marketing - An Art Plus a Molded Approach

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How do you rate marketing? What is your concept about marketing? Is it an art or a carefully 'created approach' by a marketer? I sometimes wonder, as will be many others, about the so many incarnations of marketing which we see all around! 'Marketing' strategies have always assumed new faces, stretching along with the change of times! Just when I was writing this a young man came to the front door asking whether I need some bed-sheets which he was marketing! This is a new method of marketing seen here which started momentum for the last five to ten years! They call it 'house to house' marketing! The new method stresses in taking the products straight into the premises of consumers and tempting them to buy!   If you manage the infrastructures in a coherent manner, production of anything is easy.
In fact production has become less and less complicated because of the new technological sophistication.
But marketing has become all the more confusing and obscure! For each and every item, let the item be anything, the consumer is getting hundreds and hundreds of options with each product claiming superiority over the competitors.
The consumer gets confused and often lands up in something by some impulsive urge or by some kind of an outside prompting rather than the need or quality of the product!   Marketing can be termed as a 'mark feting' by which you are 'marking' the 'fete', which means that you are spotting the 'market' where you want to off-load your product and making your move in a most calculated way! You have to sell your product in the wide open market and for attaining this successfully you have to have a clear knowledge of the market scenario and your approach should be in a clear tactical way! Hence marketing is the clear understanding of the prevailing 'market conditions' and employing a smooth deliberate, premeditated way for capturing the attention of the prospective customers.
There are no predefined methods for this; one has to study the market conditions deeply and derive one's own conclusions!   So when you analyze in a proper way you will see that marketing is both an art and a calculated move! Your forward strides for attaining your goal must be in a clear and precise manner.
But that should be done in a pleasing and appealing way! Utmost care should be taken that you are not breaching any social conducts or flouting the prevailing social rules.
Here comes the part of 'art' in marketing! So many factors are combined in this and should be handled in an efficient way.
You have to analyze the general market, the psychology of the existing market-waves, the competing products and the merits and demerits of your product.
An intelligent manager will be able to sort out all these parts in a fruitful manner by simple common-sense, practical decisions and by un-tiring leadership.
But remember, in the final round it does not matter who does it; it all depends how it is done and in a succinct way one can say that marketing is an art and a molded approach in all senses of the word.
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