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Bonn’s Beautiful Attractions

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The town of Bonn is found in the Cologne/Bonn region of west Germany. It was formerly the capital of the Western Germany nation until the country re-united in the early 1990's. It contains a variety of excellent attractions to keep tourists busy for many days, and a few days holiday in the city is certainly recommended.

The city shares an airport with the city of Cologne. It is usually quite busy throughout the year, even though getting into the town is often done by train and bus too. Bonn hotels are numerous, as millions of visitors travel to the city for its cultural extravaganzas and rich smaller town atmosphere.

Visiting the town will be one of the highlights of any German holiday. There are so many things to see and do, so tourists really do have to give a few days for Bonn. The following sections identify some of Bonn's most beautiful attractions.

Museums €" similar to other towns and cities throughout Europe, Bonn is home to amazing number of museums. Because the city has a distinct, rich history, there are so many exciting museums that will captivate the hearts of more than just the history lovers and cultural buffs. The Museum of Modern Art, which is locally called the Kunstmuseum, is home to many magnificent exhibitions and collections. Germany is a very interesting country, so it is always interesting to see the Haus der Geschichte (or Museum of the Federal Republic of Germany). Also, the Rhine Regional Museum is located within Bonn.

Churches €" the churches of Bonn add to the beautiful skyline of this majestic city, and therefore shouldn't be missed. The main church in the town is the stunning Bonn Minster. It can be seen from almost any part of the city, as its steeples rise high into sky. It is a Roman Catholic Church that was constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries, and stands as one of the oldest churches in all of Germany. In addition to the Bonn Minster, the very old church of Doppelkirche, which is actually a double church, stands strongly and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. It was built by 1151. Another of the churches in Bonn worth visiting is the Kreuzbergkirche, which was constructed in the early 1600's.

Modern Buildings €" although there stigma just doesn't cut it in comparison to the centuries old structures around the city of Bonn, the modern buildings of the city can still provide an interesting attraction for guests. One of the most visited modern building landmark in the town is the concert hall; Beethovenhalle. In addition to the concert hall named after Beethoven, the Post Tower is the tallest building in the Rhine region of Germany.

Nature €" The city of Bonn is abound in natural sites and nature related attractions. The Arboretum Park Harle is the largest arboretum in the region. It is home to many wonderful species of flora, some back two centuries in the park. There is a botanical garden located in the city, and the Rheinaue Park is a relaxing parkland area located along the banks of the Rhine River. The Rodderberg, located in the southern regions of the city, is an old volcano that is now extinct. It is situated on the border with Wachtberg.

Castles €" there are some castle attractions located in the city of Bonn too. The beautiful ruins of Godesburg Castle are still found in the Godesburg district today. A restaurant sits within the complex ruins of the castle fortress, and stands as one of the most important tourism sites for Bonn. The Old Town Hall may not be a castle, but its beautiful structure and historical importance should never be overlooked as a popular tourist option.
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