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3 Amazingly Effective Ways to Stop Dogs Chewing!

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Why Dogs Get Involved Into The Habit Of Chewing?
Chewing is an extremely important part of the growing up period of each dog and lasts entire lifetime mainly because of the fact that dogs use their mouths in a similar way that humans use their hands - to investigate the world around them.
By chewing, dogs can not only check the taste of a specific item, they can also discover it's shape and consistency.
Their teeth are one of the most important tools when it comes to determining what can be touched and what should be avoided.
Young puppies chew mainly because of the teething period they go through.
It can be extremely painful and itchy for them and they need to bite stuff to get rid of these feelings.
When we try to stop dogs chewing we need to consider all of these factors, as well as few additional ones mentioned below.
Stop Dogs Chewing By Providing Them With Some Entertainment!
Dogs will often chew out of boredom and loneliness.
Left alone in the house, with nothing to do they will look for the things that remind them of the owner.
All sorts of shoes and clothes, your favorite CDs, gadgets, everything that smells like you and is within their range.
That is why the simplest method to stop dogs chewing and reduce the amount of destroyed items in your house is to hide them or put somewhere your dog can't reach.
Also, make sure to give him some sort of substitution so that he can instantly redirect his attention.
A great example are Kong toys.
They can be stuffed with dog's food and present a tough challenge for your dog when he wants to get it out.
Because of the way they were designed, it is possible to get only a small chunk of the food that's inside at a time and your dog will have to work really hard to reach it.
Eliminate Separation Anxiety To Stop Dogs Chewing!
If you want to stop dogs chewing you also need to know that dogs will chew out of separation anxiety or fear.
Very often your dog will get a boost of energy just before the time you usually come back home and a way to release this energy is to chew on things around him.
However, you can train your dog to welcome you with a toy in his mouth so that the chewing habit will be redirected from your furniture to the toy.
A way to do this is to take your dog to his favorite toy every time you get back home and say firmly 'find'.
Then, after few weeks of repeating this procedure, if he doesn't welcome you with one of his toys in his mouth, you simply restrain from saying hello to him.
Your dog needs to learn than you won't hug or praise him after coming back from work if he doesn't bring you the toy.
This method will reduce the amount of chewed items such as furniture legs, shoes, newspapers etc.
and will allow you to stop dogs chewing within a few weeks.
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