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Caring For Your Earthly Vessel

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Every once in a while, we run into a truly innovative concept, with such a profound impact, yet from such a simple idea.
All of us, as human beings on this planet, have the same worries, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
Yet, with the everyday struggle that life and its problems seem to give us, we tend to forget that we need to take time and take care of our self, or our Earthly Vessel.
It's amazing that we can have a huge problem, yet instead of facing it head on, we turn on the television hoping to forget about it for an hour or so as though this would help ease our pain.
We've become so involved in trying to help others through their trials and tribulations, yet sometimes we forget to take care of ours.
There is an arsenal of tools available on the market today to help us cope with the stress that life throws our way.
Even Oprah uses a journal to express her innermost feelings and keep in touch with her true self.
Peace of mind and well-being could be as simple as reading from an art print with an inspirational message at the precise moment in our life when motivation is needed.
Laverne Summers and the Earthen Vessel Collection offer us a wide range of tools to deal with our vast range of problems, be they personal or business struggles.
The Earthen Vessel Collection, soon to be called The Earthen Vessel Wellness Collection, offers personal development tools, education, health and financial resource building along with small business development.
Along with these products, they offer consultations, poetry and art prints with inspirational messages to remind us of who we are and why we're here.
The wellness journals provide us a place to gather and put down in writing our thoughts, troubles, goals, and dreams.
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