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Directions for MSR MiniWorks EX

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    Prepare Filter for Use

    • 1). Unscrew the clean side cover from the MSR Miniworks EX. The cover is at the bottom of the main housing.

    • 2). Connect the inlet hose to the inlet hose barb on the pump head. Pump one to two liters of water through the filter to remove particulate matter before pumping filtered water into a container.

    • 3). Place the inlet cage into your water source. Adjust the inlet float to keep the cage floating freely between the bottom, if the source is shallow, and the surface.

    • 4). Pump water with the handle until the water reaches the pump head and flows out the bottom of the housing. Air should be visible in the housing while you pump.

    Filter Water

    • 1). Put the inlet cage into the water source. Place the filter over a clean container or attach an optional MSR Dromedary Bag to the bottom of the housing.

    • 2). Pump the handle. Continue to pump until the water reaches the pump head and fills the housing. Water will begin to flow out of the filter into the container or Dromedary Bag.

    • 3). Pump until you have filled the container or Dromedary Bag. The optimal pump rate is 70 to 80 strokes per minute.

    Store the MSR Miniworks EX

    • 1). Remove the inlet cage and hose from your water source. Pump the handle to remove any water that remains in the filter.

    • 2). Rinse the ceramic filter element and air dry it before storage. It will take three to five days to completely dry.

    • 3). Attach the clean side cover to the bottom of the filter. The cover will prevent contamination.

    • 4). Wrap the inlet hose around the housing and secure it with the tube clip on the handle. Place the unit inside the storage bag.

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