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Finding God in Prosperity

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Consider the thought of prosperity.
God is the one and only that gives that gift to you.
You are seeking it from God, but truly what is prosperity? Prosperity from God is an allowance that He gives to you for the time you spend with Him in prayer.
You need something, not in selfishness but in humbleness the need for something, God will answer your prayer in due time.
Prosper in spirit and grow.
Always depending on Him Time marches on and your needs may become more frequent but when is enough, enough? You may continue to ask but then God wants you to look to him for answers, it's not always money that you may need but time waiting and in prayer to see Him in the light of the situation, to hope for His kindness and know that he loves you no matter what you ask for.
To depend on God to supply you with your needs is what He wants you to do, depend on Him as you face a complicated situation where finances become the center of your life and you forget about His role in it all, you must surrender the moment, for the Kingdom of God is always ready to help you when you love and worship your Savior.
Ask God for what you need When we ask God for what we need, God will supply us with the things that help us go through our life, sometimes you receive money from somewhere so unexpected that you know it was a gift from Him.
When you put all your trust in God, he will never leave you, Jesus said in Luke 12:24 Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn-yet God feeds them.
God gives them what they need.
In prayer tell God what you need.
Plainly saying that God meets your needs and blesses you with many other good things in your life.
Abundant blessings are yours for the asking.
Spend time in prayer, God knows your needs.
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