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The money is out there for the taking and you just need to be around for making money online! You can dream about big money just flowing into your bank account.
Legitimate businesses on the Internet are those like the eBay website where you can sell goods that you have purchased for resale or goods you no longer need.
You have eliminated that garage sale or consignment shop and gone straight to the homes of millions of potential buyers.
The selling fees at eBay don't even come close to the 30-50% selling cost at the consignment stores.
On line you can make money faster than eBay, but riskier.
Buying and selling Forex (foreign exchange) can be profitable or devastating.
So much for those options.
Are there other on line deals? Click on the Internet any day and you can find ads that picture the wonderful life of those who have made fortunes on the Internet.
All you have to do is listen to the recording and picture yourself as one of them.
All they want you to do is send them your name and address and email and they will get the information to you.
Yes, that information is how to obtain their secrets.
They will ask for money for the software or tips.
Have you ever fallen for that deal before? Your new "contact" to earn big bucks, may have sold your email to a bunch of businesses.
Sold is the operative word.
Your inbox becomes filled with more ads than you can handle.
Beware of those who want your information for that they can get paid for it.
The business of helping you to steer clear of scams is also a touchy sort of business.
No one provides any service for you without wanting to be paid.
Money drives their business, your money and then he has your email address.
Sometimes the fees are so slight that you may not see the harm, but multiply that by the millions of people who surf the web.
A small percentage might use that service.
Is it legitimate? Start your own business with the products you can make.
With a little help from a computer nerd you might know, you can set up your website and sell something unique.
This legitimate business is all yours and you can control the service and the sweat of your work is paid off in real dollars...
Not promised ones!
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