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Seducing Women - The 2 Misconceptions That Make Most Men Fail

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Seducing women is something that many men find tricky.
A lot of guys have love lives that are unsatisfying and void of the attention from the quality women they desire.
The horrible thing about men not being able to seduce women is the women walk around wishing men knew how to seduce them! MOST men are terrible at seducing women.
This is because society and social conditioning lead men to believe in two major misconceptions.
Women Are non-sexual Flowers that Must be "Courted"
Women have 10x the sensitivity in their sexual organs as men.
On top of that, they have a week out of every single month where their hormones rage and nearly drive them mad with horniness.
Women LOVE sex, just as much, if not more than men.
Seducing women becomes much easier once you realize that you aren't trying to swindle them or trick them into sleeping with you.
Women want to be seduced and they want your sex.
Seducing Women is a Long Process of Comfort Building
Wrong! Most men think that they are seducing women by talking to them over a long period of time and showing them their great personality, but in actuality, they are putting themselves in the friend zone.
Women don't date or sleep with friends.
If a woman has lost or never had attraction for you, there is almost nothing that will change that.
Seducing women can happen in just minutes.
As long as you lead the process, seducing women can become almost automatic.
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