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How to Attract Your Dream Girl

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Getting a girl to like you may be the hardest thing for a boy especially when the girl is your dream girl.
Some people may consider the pleasant physical aspect or a large amount of money leads to successful love.
But they are not as important as they believe to be.
Although there are so many girls who have different taste, there can be some easy rules for nearly every boy to follow so as to attract and win her heart.
Keep in good image Keeping yourself in good image does not mean you must wear dear clothes nor have luxury dressing.
You even do not need to be depressed for not being the most handsome.
What I mean is that you should keep your clothes clean and match your characteristic and show your taste as well.
It is the most effective to leave a good impression for the first time.
To be confident If you want to get to know something about the girl you like, you should be confident about yourself and directly ask her.
It is very essential when you try to get to know a girl who you never met before.
You should be brave to say hello and ask her for something like telephone number or something else.
In this way, you will get the noticing of the girl and also the chance of inviting her out through the phone.
Flat her sometimes Most of the girls are found to be vain and some proper compliments will sure make them feel pleasant.
For example, you may give her some good comments on the dress she wears or the hairstyle she has.
She may think that you have the same taste as her and feels vey good, thus you successfully flatter her and get closer to her.
Be her best friend Having known the girl very well, you should try to enhance the relationship between each other by becoming her best friend.
A good friend is who can share the happiness and sorrow of the opposite one.
Every time she tells you something she is wondering or the feelings of her, you should listen to her carefully and show your patience and concern as the things had happened on you.
Generally speaking, no matter what kind of girl you adore, if you can follow the rules above, you are possibly to capture her heart.
What's more, you should be sincere and friendly and let her getting a better knowledge of you can also enhance your possibility in getting love success.
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