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Cultivate Confidence to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

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Are you a confident person? Is your self-esteem level high? Can you boldly go where no man has gone before? (Sorry, Captain Kirk.
) If you said yes to any of these questions or have even a little doubt, let me tell you - there is no good reason why you can't be as confident as thousands of others who have conquered their fears and went on to great achievements.
You have great stuff in you.
Throw away those doubts in your mind and let the lion roar.
You can do it! Lack of confidence is nothing but FEAR and fear is simply a made-up condition created in our minds.
False Evidence Appearing Real - that's all fear is.
It's just a figment of our imagination.
Do you think all the great people of history didn't feel fear at one time or another? Of course they did! But they overcame it and went on to bigger and better things.
So can you! It is your mind that is causing you to lack confidence and hold back from doing what you really want with your life.
NO ONE can tell what to think or how to feel.
It's totally up to you.
You have a right to be happy.
You have a right to a fulfilling confident life.
Decide right here and now that you will begin living that way.
Believe in yourself and your ability to make the right decisions and choose the right path.
If you make a mistake or two along the way - so what! We learn from our mistakes.
You'll know not to make them the next time.
Even if you don't feel super confident at first when attempting something-push forward anyway.
The next challenge you come to will be a little less frightening.
The one after that even less.
Ever hear the expression "fake it 'til you make it?" It works.
If you don't have total certainty that you can do what you are attempting, put on a brave face and continue.
You may be amazed at what you can accomplish.
In this way you can build your confidence.
Success breeds confidence.
Pretty soon you will feel like you can take on any challenge and master it.
And when your mindset is correct you can.
People act differently around a confident person.
They are more attracted to you.
They trust you more.
They allow you to have your own way.
Life is less of a struggle.
Confident people are generally happy people.
Almost everyone prefers to be around happy, fulfilled people rather than someone who is sad and resentful.
It is definitely in your best interest to live life in a confident manner.
No one can take charge of your life the way you can.
Your mind is the deciding factor in whether FEAR runs your life or you enjoy a lifestyle of accomplishment and respect.
What it comes down to is this - it is just a decision.
Do you decide to take the tiger by the tail or slink back into the bushes? Confidence and self-esteem or fear and regret? You decide.
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