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Diet Plan For Your Dog

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Once you get yourself a dog, your immediate concern is as what to feed him.
Some dog owners are confused if dry food is better than canned or is it best to give him homemade food.
The diet plan of your dog actually depends upon various factors.
To begin with, in case your dog is overweight, you must know what quantity is right for him.
Serving suggested on dog food cans may not be appropriate for your dog.
Food requirement of your dog varies based on their breed, diet and weight.
If you feel your dog is gaining weight, you should reduce food from his usual diet.
You should also weigh your dog as to know his exact weight.
Depending upon his heaviness, you can make changes in his food.
Also, remember that no matter which breed you may have, all dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy.
Another big question concerning dog foods is that which food is better for him: dry or canned food.
The choice often depends on your dog.
Dry food sometimes triggers problems pertaining to stomach.
Canned food has few preservatives and a lot of water; it could be a better choice if your dog has a sensitive stomach.
For senior dogs as well, canned food is a better option as it is easy to eat.
Some dog owners prefer to give homemade food to their dogs.
It is a good choice but homemade food is costly as well as time consuming.
Mostly, homemade dog food includes fresh meats, grains and vegetables.
It is recommended to have a word with your vet regarding the diet plan of your dog.
He will advise you the right diet plan for you pet keeping in view his age, weight, health condition and his breed.
You need to observe your pet for any changes once you bring some change in his diet.
Your dog is like your family member and needs as much care and attention as any other person in your family.
Healthy and proper food is essential for his health and you should not show carelessness about it.
You can only enjoy his company if he remains healthy.
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