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Tips on How to Decorate a Wedding Reception With Branches

Although her wedding is one of the biggest moments in a bride's life, it shouldn't break the bank. Using some creativity and a few craft items, you can create stunning table centerpieces for your reception. Take a walk through your backyard and find branches to use or head to the craft store. The ty

How to Sew a Lettuce Hem

Ideal for flouncy and frilly garments, the lettuce hem resembles light and leafy lettuce with its curly edge. Sew a lettuce hem along the edge of stretchy knit fabrics or fabrics cut on the bias because they will stretch suitably as you stitch the hem. As long as your sewing machine sews a standard

Learn About Latin Calligraphy

If you're interested in learning how to read or write in the style of medieval or early modern Latin calligraphy or are interested in the development of this writing style, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your curiosity.

How to Do a Lettuce Hem on Organza

Lettuce hems provide a small frilly ruffle on the edge of fabrics. They are relatively easy to complete, as they don't require any pressing or turning. In addition, it is a versatile technique, as these hems can be completed either before or after a garment is assembled. Lettuce hems can be used on

How to Identify Blue & White Ironstone

Blue and white ironstone china was created by Miles Mason, who began making the dishes in 1780 in London and patented the idea in 1813. Once the patent expired, ironstone was made by a variety of manufacturers in the 19th century and early 20th century, including the Burleigh Company, which continue

Potpourri Dangers

Potpourri smells great and can look very pretty, but it may also be hazardous to you family's health as well as to the health of your pets. A lovely smelling house is nice, but your health and that of your children and pets is far more important.

Kid's Egyptian Costume Crafts

Make an Egyptian headdress.egyptian drawings image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comThe Egyptians, with the beauty and simplicity of their garb, offer many wonderful ideas for craft projects. You can make these projects from butcher paper and decorate them with crayon and paint, or you...

Paper Stockings Crafts

A stocking, which is a large sock hung on the fireplace mantel, is a familiar symbol for Christmas because it is used to hold small presents for children to discover on Christmas morning. Making paper stocking crafts is a project most elementary teachers have in their curriculum as a lesson promotin

How to Make a Peck Basket

A peck is a somewhat archaic unit of measurement formerly used for buying and selling fruit and other produce. It is equal to approximately 8 to 9 liters. A peck basket is a rough basket commonly used to measure and sell apples. These baskets come in many different shapes and styles, but they are al

How to Clean a Glue Gun

Hot glue guns allow crafters to melt and position glue dabs and strings in just a few seconds. These tools are heating elements that melt the glue and dispense it when the gun's trigger is pressed. After your crafting or model building session is over, a glue gun can end up a sticky mess with glue o

How to Make Braided Hair for Dolls

Hair is one of the most complex parts of a doll to make, but with this technique you can create a full head of doll's hair in under 10 minutes. Braiding is the process of interlacing three or more stands of yarn to create a woven pattern; hair for dolls can be braided using the same technique that i

Instructions for Knitted Toe Up Socks

Knitted toe up socks solve many of the concerns sock knitters commonly experience. It is easier to get a good fit on a toe up sock, and you can be sure you will have enough yarn to finish your socks. Knitting a sock toe up does require some slightly different techniques, including the cast on and he

Outdoor Art Activities

Arts and crafts aren't strictly for indoors. Take advantage of warm, sunny weather to bring your artistic talents outdoors. Not only does it provide fresh air, but it can also make children look at nature and the world around them a little differently. Cleanup is much easier too, for some activities

Moose Activities for Kids

Crafts and activities are a great way for kids to learn while having fun. The moose is a frequently used animal in kid's activities because kids view it as a lovable and friendly character. It is easy to incorporate the moose in many enjoyable and educational activities for kids.

How to Sew New Fabric Onto an Old Quilt

Handmade quilts often become priceless heirlooms handed down through the generations due to the love and work that goes into making them. Whether used on a bed, as a throw on the couch or displayed lovingly on a wall, quilts get a lot of use over the years and are bound to need some repair work from

How to Make an Embroidered Badge

Embroidered badges are a great way to lend distinction to a uniform or a garment worn while in the service of any kind of organization--whether it's a scouting troop, the PTA, a camping and hiking team, or any other group of motivated people.

Where Can I Buy Sheet Silver?

The ProductSilver is a precious metal used in jewelry-making and craft projects. Sterling silver that comes in flat sheets, called sheet silver, is popular with artisans and crafters because of its versatility. Sheet silver is cut, bent, hammered or formed to shape. It can be stamped or...

How to Crochet a Papoos

The word papoose is derived from the Algonquin word "papoos" which means "child" but was used in the Native American culture to describe a baby carrying pouch. Today, papooses are commonly known as cocoons and consist of cozy, knit or crochet pods or sacks into which babies are s

Making Quill Pens for Kids

Quill pens are made from the feathers of birds. Quill pens have been used since the Middle Ages when scribes made them used them to write and copy documents and books. The usage of quill pens continued through the 19th Century when business owners used them for records and children even used them fo

How to Calculate Rain to Snow

A weather forecast for rain can quickly switch to one calling for snow if a sudden temperature drop occurs. Even a small amount of rain can turn into a serious snowstorm that accumulates several inches of snow on the ground and makes getting around difficult. Fortunately, it's easy to convert inches