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How to Record on Audacity From a Stereo Mix

Audacity, the open-source audio application -- has the ability to capture any sound being played by a computer's sound card. A sound-card source is referred to in the program as a "mix," and Audacity can record from either a mono or stereo mix. This is especially handy when you want to record audio

How to Recover XP Restore Points

The Windows XP Restore Point feature allows you to reset your computer to the way it was at a previous point in time. You can create restore points manually before making major changes to your system or allow Windows XP to automatically create restore points on a certain schedule. If you have create

How to Connect a Laptop to a Samsung HL-S5687W

Many Samsung television models can be connected to laptop and desktop computers via a VGA cable. Attaching a laptop to a Samsung HL-S5687W has many benefits. It allows a laptop to be used as a media device; it allows the user to show presentations or slideshows; and it allows the Samsung to act as t

How to Remove CDFS Files

The Compact Disc File System (CDFS) is designed to work with the "autoplay" features of your computer operating system. The main difference between this and other file organization systems, such as NTFS and FAT32, is the amount of space the file system uses. Many people wish to remove CDFS files bec

How Can I Move Walls Accurately in Revit?

Autodesk Revit Architecture is software that allows users to create floor plans for homes and other buildings. Walls are one of the basic structural needs in a building, and they are equally important in the Revit program. If you don’t like the location of a wall, you can move it to another lo

Hp Lto4 Tape Cartridge Reliable For Archiving & Data Protection

HP LTO 4 tapes, offers impressive improvement with the introduction of some most reliable features and enhanced basic characteristics through high development. A Hewlett Packard excellent combination of technologies increased data storage capacity with 800GB native and 1600GB with compressed data

How to Access BIOS on an Asus

The Basic Input Output System, or BIOS, of an ASUS laptop or desktop computer is a small piece of software that helps control the interactions between the computer's operating system and the physical hardware components of the machine. By accessing and altering the BIOS settings on your ASUS compute

Network Printers For Ease and Efficiency

It may seem to some that a network printer is for large offices with many users however that is not the case. In the home where there are two or more computers it just doesn't make sense anymore for each computer to have its own printer.

SD Card Won't Format to the Proper Size

SD cards are used to store images, videos and other files from a wide range of consumer electronics. Sometimes the realized capacity of these cards deviates from expected. To maximize the usability of these cards, you need to properly format them.

How to Create a Bootable System Disk for Windows 95/98

The system boot disk allows users to boot up their computer into DOS mode. This can be a real advantage when Windows 95 or Windows 98 will not boot up correctly. From this point, users can run scandisk, verify drive connections and boot into safe mode. This was a huge advantage to the operability of

How do I Refill a DeskJet 930C?

The Deskjet 930C is a model of home desktop printer manufactured by Hewlett Packard. This printer uses the HP 45 and HP 78 for black ink and color ink respectively. If you want to refill the cartridges with replacement ink instead of purchasing new cartridges, you can do so easily with a basic inkje

How to Turn on a Zoom Dell Computer

Many computer users have smaller 14- and 15-inch screens that support only low resolution. For people with failing eyesight, this is often not good enough to clearly see many web pages. Dell computers with Windows operating systems (ME, 2000, XP, 98 and Vista) come with a handy tool called the Win

How to Make a Suede Background in CS5

You can make a suede background in Photoshop by applying the "Clouds" and "Noise" filters to create a random blend of suede-like texture and four shades of brown. Filters are small programs within Photoshop that use mathematical calculations to change existing imagery or add new

Replacing a Primary PC Hard Drive

Backing Up Important DataBefore replacing the primary hard drive on a PC you will need to make backup copies of all important data that are stored on it. Not only will this require you to copy all documents, music, video and other files on your computer, but you will also need to make...

How to Upgrade a MAC OS X to a Leopard without a DVD Drive

When re-installing or upgrading your Macbook Air's operating system you'll need to use the Apple Remote Install Mac OS X application, which installs the software remotely using another computer's disc drive. This can be accomplished by using Apple Airport and a shared network connection to upgrade y

How Do Touchpads Work?

Introduction A touchpad, sometimes referred to as a trackpad, is a common feature on laptops. It is also included on many electronics, such as PDAs, handheld consoles, and portable media players. On most desktops, the mouse is the primary pointing device, but most laptops use a touchpad...

Computer Blue Ray Recorder - Not The Obvious Option

With times being tough financially some people opt to do the computer blue ray recorder thing. By purchasing the computer blue ray recorder there is no need for useless other large equipment to be purchased. By simply installing the blue ray burner, into the spare driver slot you hopefully have, you

How to Upgrade a Dell Inspiron 9300

There are several reasons to upgrade a Dell Inspiron 9300: You can upgrade the hard drive for more space, upgrade the RAM (Random Access Memory) to run programs quicker or upgrade the video card for better and sharper video quality. Luckily, these tasks can be completed by the average computer user