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How to Remove Windows Genuine Notification Message

Sometimes after installing a new copy of Windows XP, you may receive a notification that your copy of Windows may not be genuine. This notification is designed to alert users that their software may potentially be a pirated copy of Windows XP. If you have entered a legitimate serial key to a copy

How to Create a Dual Boot for Windows XP

Creating a dual boot computer means installing multiple operating systems on your PC, which will allow you the ability to change from one to the other with just a simple restart. This will enable you to run current software applications under your installation of Windows XP while running older legac

XP Media Center Features

Windows XP Media Center basically turns your computer into a media center that plays and records music, movies and photos and transfers them to portable devices. You can connect an XP Media Center computer to a television or stereo system to play back the content.For several of the...

How to Compare Windows Vista Basic With Windows Vista Premium

There are numerous versions of Windows Vista; the two bottom-tier versions are Basic and Home Premium. Microsoft offers a website that can show you a comparison between all the editions by their features. The prices aren't listed, however, as they vary by retailer and the time period in which you're

How to Set Up Surround Sound on Vista

No matter what computer type you are using (desktop or laptop), you more than likely do not receive adequate sound through your Windows Vista computer. This is because most computers come with low-quality satellite speakers or small speakers built into the laptop. If you want to increase the output

What Needs to Be Installed to IM?

Instant messaging, also known as chatting, is a form of electronic communication that lets you contact friends, family and associates via your computer’s Internet connection. The communication is free and requires the installation of a special application or accessing an Internet-based IM appl

The Correct Way to Size a Computer Server

Server computer systems functions as the heart of a business technology infrastructure by providing information and services to the rest of the computer network. Servers come in many different forms and abilities, depending on their intended task. For example, one server computer may be designed exc

How to Repair a Vista Ultimate Installation

Windows Vista is one of the operating systems produced by Microsoft for PC platform computers. Vista Ultimate is a version of the Vista family that has many improvements and applications that will add to your PC functionality. Because it is a relatively new system, certain errors occur. This is not

How to Use Vista As a DVR

With Windows Media Center you can watch TV right on your computer. You can also use it to turn Windows Vista into a fully functional digital video recorder (DVR). You can record TV shows and movies in real time, schedule recordings and use the Guide or search by title to find shows to record. Once y

How to Find a Directory in Ubuntu

The Linux operating system, including Ubuntu Linux, is designed with a top-down directory structure, starting with the root (/) directory. Every directory in the operating system is a sub-directory of the root directory. You can locate a specific directory by name, using the Linux "find" command. Yo

How to Check if an Android Keypad Is Active or Not

The Android operating system lets you access multiple virtual keyboards or keypads, much like a computer user can swap out a standard keyboard for a wireless multimedia keyboard. In addition to the stock keyboard that comes with Android, there are a number of keyboards, some free, available in the A

How to Change a Volume Syntax Name

The syntax on a PC computer is the format in which the computer language is presented, complete with punctuation and the correct letters. A volume name is the name of the drive on your computer. Therefore, a volume syntax name is just a volume name with the location of the drive added on to it. You

Microsoft Virtual PC Tutorial

Microsoft's Virtual PC is a free virtualization program that allows alternate operating systems to be installed in an emulated PC environment. These "Virtual Machines" allow the user to run programs that may not run on their current operating system, and are a way to test alternate systems before in

How to Run EXE in VBScript

VBScript, a subset of Visual Basic, is a free programming language that anyone can use to create useful Windows applications. By adding just a few statements to a ".vbs" text file, you can write to text files and even launch EXE programs using a "Run" command. This command comes in handy when you wi

How to Run the Windows XP Repair Command

Computer users rely on their operating systems to function properly. When something happens to prevent an operating system from functioning, being able to repair it is of the utmost importance. Users of Windows XP can take comfort in knowing that their operating system comes complete with a built-in

Software Maintenance Requirements

Software maintenance includes a range of activities conducted on software systems after they are delivered.mast maintenance 1 image by mdb from Fotolia.comSoftware maintenance is the last phase of a software project life cycle. It includes a range of activities conducted on software...

Windows Updates Won't Download After a Repair Install of the OS

The Windows Update server is a necessary part of the Windows operating system, enabling you to download the latest patches and other system fixes from Microsoft. The inability of Windows Update to properly download updates following a repair installation indicates that something went amiss with your

How to Temporarily Start XP Without Loading Programs

Windows XP users occasionally will experience problems removing software, especially anti-viral programs that can't necessarily be removed when they were loaded on startup. Starting your system without loading your startup programs can allow you to fully uninstall programs that have been difficult t

How to Repair Software After a Windows XP Reinstall

Reinstalling Windows XP on your computer is a necessary step following system problems, such as missing files or drive corruption. Repairing installed software following installation is not typically necessary but can be when the reinstallation process leaves the files on your drive damaged in some