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How to Alter Gridline Color in Excel

Gridlines in Microsoft Excel extend both vertically and horizontally in a spreadsheet. The default color of these lines is light gray. However, gridline colors can be altered easily to place emphasis in a chart.

Advanced Designing Technology For Engineers

Nowadays there is extensive use of computer software's in many applications, for instance- Shipbuilding, Aerospace industries, Automotive, Engineering and architecture designs and many more. As well as, it is merely used to produce computer animation ...

How to Convert RMVB Files to AVI

RealNetworks video files can be in the format of RMVB, RM, RV, RAM and IVR. If you have one of these files and want to use it with other programs or portable devices, it will need to be converted to another format. There are a couple of free video converter programs that support RealNetworks input f

How to Use Stopzilla Software

Stopzilla is a type of computer program that is designed to monitor your computer and keep out malicious computer programs called "spyware." Stopzilla will also scan all the files on your computer as well as all the entries in your registry on a quest to find any spyware that has slipped onto your m

App Marketing & App Marketing Services To Promote Your App

Good marketing has significant effect on your business. App marketing is a shining name in the internet based mobile marketing & development. Development means to ripe all the fruits for you and for your generations.


Define plain-ASCII - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

How to Create Title Transitions in Movie Maker 6

Windows Movie Maker 6 is video editing software included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP and Vista. In addition to trimming clips and adding graphics, you can use Windows Movie Maker 6 to add titles to movies. When you insert titles between two segments in a movie, they serve as clip transitions.

Tips for a Slow Running PC

In tough economical times, us as consumers may not have extra money in the budget to upgrade our computers. And as computers get older, they tend to start running slower and slower, and this can be frustrating waiting 3 minutes for an Internet browser to open, trying to view pictures, open a word do

Why Do I Need to Use Access?

Microsoft Access is not an easy piece of software to learn and some people find Access courses to be frustrating as a result. The question some of them ask is whether Access might be overkill for what they are doing. Excel has simple database functions, so couldn't you just use that instead? Th

How to Get Orange Font in Word Office 97

Microsoft Word is one of the world's most widely used word processing programs. It helps you create many different kinds of printed publications, including letters, resumes, envelopes, labels and forms. Because the Word 97 interface differs from more recent versions of the program, you may not find

Life Cycle of Object-Oriented Software

The "life cycle" of software is a planned structure placed on the development, sales and long-term maintenance of a software product. There are many methodologies of software development and many accompanying life-cycle models. All models, however, cover the stages of planning, implementation, dep

My Java Installer Is Corrupt

Java is a programming language that several websites and devices use to deliver content such as gaming, chatting and images. When you run the online installer, one or more error codes pop up on the screen if it is unable to install Java. Conflicts with third-party programs, such as security applicat

How to Lock a Record in SQL Using C Sharp

The C# language lets .NET programmers create dynamic SQL statements you send to your database server. You use the "with rowlock" statement in your SQL string to lock a row during an update or delete procedure. This means that no other client can query the row until the SQL statement comple

How to Add a Picture As a Picture Caption

One of the cool things that can be done with many digital photo-editing software programs is combining two or more photos together in the same photo. It doesn't matter what your purpose is, you could just want to add a person to a landscape or add a caption. If you have a photo that you would like t

What Are The Benefits Of Hosted CRM?

You will find that with hosted CRM that there are a lot of different benefits that go along with it. Many people will ended up getting with a Hosted CRM because they know of the many things that it can do for them and their business.

Retirement Gifts: Gag T-Shirts

One way to wish a coworker and friend a happy retirement is to create a truly unique gift to give to them at their retirement party or office send-off. If the person retiring is known to really love a good joke or gag, then a gag t-shirt as a gift might just be the perfect way to wish...

How to Upgrade from Office 2007 Small Business to Office 2007 Professional

Microsoft Office is a collection of productivity programs. There are several suites for Office 2007 that progressively expand the capabilities of Office. Office 2007 Professional is the next step up from Office 2007 Small Business, with the only difference being that Professional includes Access 200