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Music Licensing For Film Will Lead Your Project Towards The Path Of Success

Music plays a very important part as far as your movie projects are concerned. The background music or other unique music products are placed in the movie to attract more and more number of people towards it. Music licensing for films help you do that. This article deals with the various perspective

The Versatility of Beat Software

Nothing is more invigorating than using beat software to produce your own unique music. When you use music composition software to make music you have an infinite number of sound combinations at your disposal. You ...

Features of Agra Gharana Singer in Kolkata

Indian culture is enriched with traditional music. Among different types of vocal music, Agra Gharana has never lost its relevancy. Classical music in India has played important role enriching Indian culture. Many great performers of ...

How to Play a Simple Tune on a Harmonica

Playing the harmonica is natural and fairly easy because it requires breathing in and out. When playing the harmonica, the inhale is called a "draw" and the exhale is called a "blow". The following directions will help you get started learning simple tunes on a 10-hole diatonic harmonica.

How to Play Minor Scales on Guitar

The minor scale is one of the first tools a guitarist can learn to break out of the exercise book monotony. Minor scales tend to be more emotive than major scales and are extremely versatile. What's more, like the major scale, you need only memorize one pattern to play the scale in any key anywhere

Chris Young

View photos taken at the 2006 IFCO Fun Fest, held at the Ryman Auditorium on June 6, 2006.

Casio CDP-100 Versus Yamaha NP-30 - Digital Piano Comparison

The Casio CDP-100 and the Yamaha NP-30 are both excellent digital pianos which are suitable for the beginner. In this article I set out to explain some of their pros and cons enabling you to make a better informed decision should you wish to buy one.

What Is Music Management?

There has always been mystique and confusion surrounding music management. Although the job has a wide and varied scope of work, the manager's job is to take care of the business end of things that artists do not have the knowledge, expertise or time to do themselves. There are different types of mu

Taking Online Flamenco Guitar Lessons - Let the Music's Roots Inspire You!

Are you fascinated by all things Flamenco? Have you ever wondered about the culture that introduced the world to this passionate music? Learn about the roots of this fiery music with your fellow aficionados at the Los Angeles Guitar Academy through our online Flamenco guitar lessons. We believe that

How to Fix CD Errors

CD errors can often be fixed by repairing the read/write surface of the CD you are having trouble with. Using a few simple home remedies involving rubbing alcohol, furniture polish, and toothpaste will fix most read errors caused by damage to the surface of the disc. Once repaired, it is always a go

Guitar Lessons Online-3 Things You'll Need To Get Started

I've been playing the guitar since I was in my teens and sad to say, that with life's commitments, I haven't improved much over the years. I can get by strumming some chords, but always wished I could play by ear or to solo!Recently, I've been exploring some options to improve my


So what does it take to create a marketable song? One that you can maybe sell to another artist, get published or get placed in a television show? Well, the answer to this question is ...

Guitar Lesson -- Arpeggiated Picking Part 2

Here are some more picking techniques for the G, C, and the E chord. This is also part of what is called arpeggiated picking, but this style is used as a rhythm technique rather than a lead technique.

How to Create Wall Decorations for a Homeschool Room

The biggest advantage of homeschooling is that it allows you to let your kids have a lot of personal attention and a flexible curriculum tailored to their needs. The decorations in your classroom should reflect the progress of your kids and their academic interests. No need to invest in commercially

Cheap Guitars for Kids

Guitar is one of the easiest instruments for playing simple tunes. To master the instrument takes years of dedicated study and practice, but a few chords and some basic strumming can be taught to young children. Many of the songs we hear in kindergarten and grade school work well on the guitar, and