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The Best Tap Dances - See These Before You Die!

Classic movies are still very popular, they remind us of times that were simpler and much more relaxed. The talented people who appeared in them, especially in musicals, were definitely one of a kind. Even today, their talents remain unmatched. Though they may use all possible technology, modern mov

Should You Consider Room Darkening Drapes?

Great television and movies can certainly be made even better by addressing the issue of sunlight glare. Many of today's high-definition television sets tend to have an issue with glare. This can be particularly problematic where glass is involved. Reflective coating is great, but often it only

The Top Worst Movies That You Must Watch

Spending twenty some years of my life watching movies, I know what is good and what is bad. This is a list compiled of the good of the bad and ugly. These movies are the movies you just have to watch because words can not describe their badness fully

Films Russia - Russian and American Joint Ventures Flourish

In these days of political and commercial competition for world dominance, a renewed struggle has emerged between Russia and the United States. However, whilst the two superpowers are busy grappling for position on matters of energy, national defense, sovereignty, and concepts of democracy, there ar

Shyam Yadav Wins the 'Sunheri Taqdeer Ki Topi

Mumbai's Shyam Yadav wins the 'Sunheri Taqdeer Ki Topi' of Dance India Dance Season 4 In an exciting finale to a hugely popular season of India's biggest dance reality show, Zee TV announces the winner ...

NCIS Gift Ideas

"NCIS" is a popular television drama that premiered on the CBS network in 2003. As of 2011, "NCIS" was television's No. 1 scripted drama. The show revolves around a fictional group of special agents within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service who solve crimes that take place within the U.S. Navy

Top 10 Sitcom Bosses

Check out the best and funniest TV bosses in this list of the top 10 sitcom bosses.


Picture of the Simpson family bundled against the cold winter.

Recent Movies In The Yash Raj Films List

In the recent years, Bollywood movies have come up with innovative experimentations. The latest social issues, changing trends and interesting themes have definitely found a new place in the latest Bollywood movies. One of the most reputed banner in Indian Film industry.

A Movie List, The Fun Way

Do you have a movie list in a notebook, in your filing cabinet, or on your computer? Many people do. Whether you simply like to keep lists and inventories, or it's necessary to keep track of a vast collection, keeping a movie list can be as simple as a list of titles, or it can be an elaborate

Vampire Diaries: Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore Profile - Characteristics: Stefan is a tall and lean, handsome man. He has short, brown hair with green eyes. He is often serious and sad, but can have an engaging smile.

A UK Digital TV FAQ

Analogue Television broadcasts are set to cease in the UK in the next two years. This article covers the main issues.

Blossom TV Show

Remember back to the 90's when TV was just nice easy watching? Blossom TV Show star Mayim Bailik is back - she recently (30th May) had a makeover on What Not to Wear and is now contemplating a return to acting.

Gossip Girl Episode 18 Recap - "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" Season Finale

Much I Do About nothing is the perfect example of a season finale, tying up loose strings while creating new ones at the same time. Relationships that seemed stable are crumbling all over the place, and relationships that seemed to be over are flourishing. All the actions takes place around the wedd

Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes

Avatar the Last Airbender was a surprising show which was well received by the youth and adults. We review the Avatar The Last Airbender episodes which made the show so endearing.