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How to Design Cutoff Jeans

Almost everyone who wears jeans has a few pairs with fraying cuffs, torn knees or stains of some kind. You could throw these away or use them as patches or even as cleaning rags. However, if you want to keep wearing them, simply make them into shorts. Not only does this preserve your favorite pair o

Rhinoplasty Surgery Options

If the nose is in the center of the face. Changing the nose with Rhinoplasty surgery can dramatically change someone’s look.

Cool Haircuts for Guys

There is a lot of flash and pizazz associated with men's hairstyles today, but sometimes it seems as though maintaining a cut with products can be more expensive than the salon prices themselves. But cool haircuts are easier to achieve when simpler in design than when they are complex.

How to Apply Self-Tanner to Your Back

With a hard to reach area, it is best to get another person to assist you when applying self-tanner. Do not lose hope, however, if you find you must apply self-tanner to your back all by yourself. There are ways to still use self-tanner to achieve a beautiful, even looking tan, even on your back. Af

How to Wear Green Eyeshadow for Fall

As a trend, green eyeshadow has a funky feel. You may not see yourself wearing the acid yellow-greens favored by teens, but don't let your more classic tastes turn you off of green completely. For fall, green actually looks like the sort of color even a more conservative beauty would like to keep as

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream- Pomegranate Raspberry

This EOS Shave Cream is worth every cent! For less than $5 you will fall head over heels for the product and rid yourself of hair, dry or wet. I think this rivals some of the more expensive products that are found at Saks and Neimans.

Reconstructing Hair Treatments

A reconstructing hair treatment helps rebuild and restore damaged hair. If your hair is dull, flat, lifeless, brittle or frizzy it may be time for a treatment. Environmental factors and possibly minerals in your water can damage your hair. Using chemical treatments and styling your hair with heat al

How to Glaze Fur

Glazing fur, which is applying a coat to the fur to make it appear lustrous, is a very straightforward process --- the actual process is wiping the fur with a cloth after it has been sprayed with a composition. However, creating the composition is much harder because you will have to acquire all of

Choosing the Best Eye Serum

How to evaluate and choose an eye serum.Information about ingredients, pricing, and other factors you should know about when buying eye care products.

Blow Drying Hair

In a fast pace world today we need to be able to safely blow dry hair without damaging it. Sure, every hairdresser vows that constant blow drying will damage your locks. But how, exactly, are you supposed to stroll into your office job wearing a suit - with dripping wet hair? Should you get up three

Video: How to Apply Gothic Eye Makeup

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Debra Dakin, and I am the owner and creative director from In the Pink makeup studio in Brandon, Florida. I'm going to demonstrate today how to apply Gothic eye makeup. All right, we've already prepped Danielle with a little bit of a smoky eyeliner. Or...

How to Tie a Forehand Knot in a Tie

The "forehand knot" is a common name used to denote the "four-in-hand knot." This knot makes a nice, narrow and slightly asymmetrical triangle. It is best suited for a wider tie made from a heavier fabric. It is one of the simplest tie knots and may also be called the "simple knot" or the "schoolboy

How to Make Hair Side Swept

Sometimes seen gracing actresses walking the red carpet, side-swept hair looks dramatic but relatively simple. This elegant look may be styled with all lengths of hair. Use the technique when you want to change up your hairstyle or when you want to make an impression. Styling the hair takes a bit of

How to Do A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Shampoo can be very harsh and dry to the hair. Doing a pre-shampoo, or pre-poo treatment, preps the hair for this process, to prevent it from becoming too dry. I will illustrate to you how to properly do this and different ways to do it.